Extreme Slow Order – A Studio Sound Collage

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via A Box In The Sea (Paul Normand Lebel), captures a studio synth performance, featuring modular synthesizer and the LinnStrument.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

Because the Linnstrument offers so much sonic control and expression, I find myself completely rethinking how I create a patch. I wanted to further explore simultaneous multi-event generation but this time only with the Linnstrument. I’m using the Animodule Gate_Mod plus the SSF URA to help decide when I trigger a gate, 1. if it gets passed to the Gate_Mod and 2. how long to delay the gate. The result triggers an envelope/VCA combo being fed by the Nebulae (whose files are being cycled by the Phosgene’s EOD output). All melodic sounds are coming from Braids in FM, TTVV and FFFF modes and processed through the Erbe Verb, Clouds, Three Sisters, PGH Filter, Red Panda Particle, Seppuku delay and Montreal Assembly Count to Five.

I’m using the Linnstrument in split mode where one side is CC faders (so I can manipulate multiple parameters at once) and the other side is notes. I’m also using the Linn with the Machinedrum to trigger the 16 samples I’ve loaded.

I prerecorded the main melody into sampler which I’m playing to the previously recorded Braids sounds. I’m getting 2 things out of doing this 1. I suck at multitrack recording and I’m trying to wrap my head around how I can use it for what I’m doing and 2. I knew there would be a natural delay and missed notes because I don’t record on a grid and I wanted that overlapping sonic crisscross/collision of notes.

7 thoughts on “Extreme Slow Order – A Studio Sound Collage

  1. What is the thing in the video with the waveform that he is constantly pushing on? I thought it was an ipad app but it looks like much more.

  2. Loved the performance. That is very close to my dream setup (which I don’t have 🙁 ).
    One question though: is the LinnStrument operating in stand-alone or it still needs a computer/software in between?

  3. This guy does amazing work. Been a fan and online follower for a long time now. His setup changes constantly, and seeing what he has rigged up and how he uses it, is interesting and always a feast for the eyes. The audio textures he creates are unsurpassed.

  4. Been following him on youtube for a while. Its always a joy when he posts a new performance. Great stuff. Keep’em coming Paul 🙂

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