STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter Review


The Mankato Filter is a four-pole lowpass filter, designed by Thomas Henry.

It offers positive and negative outputs at every pole, giving you slopes of 6 dB/oct, 12 dB/oct, 18 dB/oct, and 24 dB/oct simultaneously. And the negative slope outputs let you use the Mankato as a quadrature sine oscillator, with 8 available phases.

The Mankato will self-resonate from subaudio to superaudio, and responds to one volt per octave through its unattenuated control inputs. The signal inputs are DC coupled, which allows you to use the Mankato as a voltage-controlled slew limiter.

STG Soundlabs sells pre-built versions of the Mankato Filter in both Euro format (above) and MU (below):


This video, via sonicstate, takes a look at the STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter in Euro format:

The STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter is available in Euro format for US $350 via Analog Haven and in Dotcom MU format direct from STG for $395. If you’re a DIY’er, you can also get the Mankato PCB via Magic Smoke Electronics.

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  1. STG makes great quality stuff. I have his mixer, wave folder, pulse matrix and Sea Devils filter. the Mankato is on my must have list.

    Great to see him staying with the black and silver on the Euro modules as well. One must have standards after all.

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