In The Studio With Jean-Michel Jarre

This video, via Future Music Magazine, takes a look inside the studio of electronic music icon Jean-Michel Jarre

The video offers a look at Jarre’s Paris studio and some of his unique gear. And Jarre gives a walk-through of his new collaboration with Air.

The track is from Jarre’s massive collaboration project, Electronica 1: The Time Machine, which is scheduled for release Oct 16, 2015. For details, see Jarre’s site.

8 thoughts on “In The Studio With Jean-Michel Jarre

  1. quite shocking to see this giant of electronic music doing everything to promote his latest album which is lame, to put it mildly. there is a reason why kraftwerk don´t do interviews. it´s all about preserving your reputation. with this kind of videos jmj loses his one imo.

    1. ???

      Explain how.

      Nearly Every “giant” from every genre have done many interviews : check youtube.

      Re: Kraftwerk too much infighting so only one original member tours … Says a lot.

      JmJ studio interviews are less than ten (in his whole career).

      Have you considered
      1. FM wanted this interview.
      2. Sony is making him promote.

      Your negativity says more about you (and any persons agreeing with you)

      Life isn’t all about navel gazing, hey I must hide in my den and not be open,
      I must maintain my “cool” “mystique” : ie. lie.
      What a self imposed prison.

      JmJ always been refreshing in his upbeatness

      Just as you and everyone he has his depressions, yet he always keeps it to himself,
      Preferring cheerfulness joy.

      PS. In case you hadn’t realised (and any persons agreeing with you)
      Our “reputation” is how we are as a human being.

  2. it´s great to see that JMJ used so many different new and old techniques.
    Even the tape loop, which could be easily done with software (would sound different for sure..)…so he got back to his roots and made it by hand. Very interesting to see how he works…
    i missed the part where he shows how he used the ipad, would be also interesting to see.
    great interview…and even if it´s promotion for his new album…it is more about how he works and shows that he is not stuck in the past.

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