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    1. I agree with the sentiment of the statement.

      In reality the statement wouldn’t hold up, as we stand on the shoulders of giants, and you go back 30 years in time then you don’t have 30 years of synth music experiences and experiments to draw upon, you are in the void. As human creativity isn’t a pure experience, it is an experience of adding to, or subtracting from, all the experiences that came before, you remove that experience then you are void of that influence – and the leap isn’t going to happen without it.

      The average muzo kid today could write and produce a far better track than George Martin and The Beatles combined from the early ’60’s, but you place the average muzo kid in the 1960’s without that technology, influence and experience, and not just musical experience, then that muzo kid would need to be the greatest musical genius the world has ever seen to perform that, but it is average today.

      But a good solid performance all the same.

      1. “The average muzo kid today could write and produce a far better track than George Martin and The Beatles combined from the early ’60’s,”

        Disagree completely with that statement.

        Whether or not you like The Beatles – they had several very talented songwriters and performers. And in George Martin, you’ve got one of the most successful producers of all time.

        The ‘average muzo kid’ today isn’t going to write and produce better tracks than the Beatles, or we would be swamped with music that’s better than what the Beatles were putting out. Instead, good songwriting, great performances and creative production are still rare.

        Even if you’re only looking at technical considerations, we’ve got cheap digital DAWs. But the gear, studios and processes the Beatles used, even early in their career, were better than what’s available to ‘muzo kids’.

      2. you ever tried to learn some Beatles? They are tough to play, even their earlier stuff. As for a critique of this duo…The lyrics of the two songs I’ve heard here are a tad interesting, replying on somewhat monotonous repetitive lyrics and two-fingered chords rather than gardens of chordal sound and compelling well-written poetry/lyrics.

        And all the amazing gear these two have!!!! The only outstanding quality I noted in the music was her excellent voice. Thank god she looks pretty and has a fantastic voice. Geez…all that beautiful gear in their studio, and that’s their best? Sorry guys, not particularly creative, nor original, nor interesting for a band with their resources. They might want to learn to play some Beatles.

  1. Good singing is rare in indie electronic music. this makes this performance notable. Her voice has strong character but is clear and not too harsh. The singing also prevents the song from becoming too monotonuous , as it adds some dramatic development.

    Ironically, it also shows that you *don’t* need a cave with fifty synths to make a good song! 😉

    1. That room they filmed and recorded in must be filled with Corn Flakes boxes then.

      It sure looks like a full Synth Cave to me. I can count more than twenty keyboard instruments alone in the still.

      Plus about that many boxes.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Chris, and as the cave-owner in the video, I agree with you completely. Part of the point of making the videos is because we enjoy performing the songs more than slaving to create them bit by bit in Logic. What we’re doing here is what we do when we play live.

    In case anyone was wondering, I’m not some rich kid. I’ve had a lifetime of working to build my collection, and I’m very lucky to have it, but everything gets used (and abused) regularly. It’s not a museum!

    Having said that of course, for the video the cave is just a bit of geek eye candy… 🙂

    1. Martin,
      Are all those keyboards and rack mounted synths hooked up and ready for use or do you have to patch or rewire what you want to use in your workflow? If so, would you mind sharing how your gear is routed to your interfaces? Is everything a home run, patch panel, mixer, etc. As my studio grows with many synths I want them available at anytime for composing and will sooner or later need to add more interfaces or find a quality switch to keep everything ready without degrading the signal. Your Music and “Cave” are awesome. Also would love to see your gear list 🙂
      Keep Creating!

    2. The eye-candy is stil the girl singing, besides her voice, the synths, sound, influence or whatever . . . it’s okay but i wonder what happend if this was just a audio-track? . . . The Beatles made there fame with the atraction to young girls, 200+ bpm if it goes with girls dancing half naked sells . . . it’s the atraction . . . This music is not my piece of cake . . . i just like to watch her singing!

  3. As some one who has seen V.E perform live i totally agree with what Martin says this is how they sound live and they are a great duo and i’d recommend checking out they albums.

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