Free Patch Library For The Prophet 12 Synthesizer

Synthesist Daniel Davis has created a free patch library for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer .

The patch library, demo’d in the video above, features 49 patches, created and modified by Davis.

Davis is sharing the patch library via email, saying, “I’ll send you the file in exchange for you allowing me to send you updates for when I have new music and albums out.” See the video for details.

9 thoughts on “Free Patch Library For The Prophet 12 Synthesizer

  1. I’m sure that the P12 is capable of much more. This one is for free? I guess why. There are only very few good videos on DSI synths on the web. Too pricey for the young creative crowd? The cheap synths are now gone and i want to know what DSI wants to offer in the 300-1000$ range.

  2. Why exactly do DSI sound so interesting to me… like nothing else, really. I can afford only MOPHO, but hey, at least something. 🙂

  3. The Prophet 12 is arguably the best poly synth ever made. It certainly ranks up there. I’m looking forward to owning one some day.

  4. The P12 is arguably one of the most interesting, creative and inspirational, elegant and useful polysynths in the present (and maybe in history, mainly due to the interface and pseudoModular design)…and a lot of bullshit has been written in the net about its sound, digitalish and that kind of meeeh noise…It’s not the perfect synth, if that exist, but I probably will never sell mine (only if I could afford a Solaris or a Modulus 008 at that price? If Arturia makes a really reliable Origin with quality Vs price? (I don’t give a fuck about “Digital”)…If Sequential would have done the Pro2 as Pro4 at least? If P6 would include mixed design for FM, digital waveforms, more modulation and strips for control?, if Waldorf would reedit the Wave Black Edition in 2015 standards and under 3000?)…P12 is a gift for learning synthesis…and for sure it can sound quite “traditional” or emulator of analog classics, as well as unexpected and suprising…alive and organic…not harsh, not digital..that is silly perception and lack of hands on.

    Nevertheless, for sure it is not even the Best polysynth that DSI could have made nowadays under the “flagship” or “best synth” concept and tags.

    Take into account that probably the urgency and/or intentional market speculative policies made them not including 2 VCOs like those in the P6, or a flexible really variable Filter scheme [including Curtis (no problem) but also SEM and other multioptions (second filter at least in paraphonic for versality, and costs control, selectable in paralell and series, or even in mixed adjustments…like in Alesis Ion from 15 years in the past!)]…some kind of SEQ, or maybe other options to improve the flagship concept and specs….or at least!!! the f##king VST plugin included in price!

    Anyway, they are improving now some of the lacks in design bench through O.S….but this is limited, and although this does not avoid years of fully rich sounds, learning, and joy programming and playing with the machine…I think that it’s convenient not to exagerate…and asking DSI for a true customer centered policy, coherent development, and inclusion of the real design points when it is possible…and for sure affordable under the budget and future market price. And…bu the way…the best potential patches and presets!

    3000 bucks/euros is a lot of money to doubt about this…

  5. i love the sound from prophet 12, it is always big and interstellar, like a good science fiction movie, thanks dave. i mean prophet 12 is not expensive.

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