Synthesis Technology E950 ‘Speak & Spell’ VCO Sneak Preview

e950_bannerSynthesist Robert Rich has been testing the new Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO – a new design that’s inspired by the Speak & Spell.

The E950 is a 10hp DSP-based VCO that combines the “smooth morphing” of Synthesis Technology’s E350 Morphing Terrarium with fully licensed “Speak & Spell” technology from Texas Instruments.

Rich put together an audio sneak preview, below, that he describes as “Putting a prototype Synthtech E950 through its paces, trying to get as unrecognizable as I can”:


Details on the Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO are to come. The price is expected to be $199.

7 thoughts on “Synthesis Technology E950 ‘Speak & Spell’ VCO Sneak Preview

  1. The audio samples remind me very much of the stuff I did with the Flame Talking Synth module (aslo available as a stand-alone). But this one here is probably more flexible as it is not the real thing in terms of the chip used. I really enjoy the DSP based modules by Synthesis Technology, very nice on all fronts.

  2. I tried to incorporate a speak N’ spell into my music years ago, but was frustrated with the lack of control. This fits the bill, I think I will PROCEED in buying this. Having some waveforms from the morphing terrarium is icing on top.

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