LinnStrument & MPE Support In Kyma 7

Symbolic Sound shared this video demo Kyma 7’s support for the Roger Linn Design LinnStrument, using Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) – a way of communicating expressive performance information over MIDI.

Kyma automatically puts the LinnStrument into MPE mode when you connect. Once connected, any keyboard-controlled Sound in Kyma automatically sets the polyphony and responds to the LinnStrument. No extra controllers are needed, and you don’t have to select a special mode on the LinnStrument – it’s literally plug it in and play.

Details on Kyma’s MPE support are available at the Symbolic Sound site.

One thought on “LinnStrument & MPE Support In Kyma 7

  1. My jaw is still dropped…
    This is like the setup of my wildest dreams, and just when I thought vocoding was overused and couldn’t be relevant again!

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