Modal Electronics 001 Synthesizer Audio Demos

At 2015 Musikmesse, Modal Electronics introduced a new 3-octave synth, the duophonic, bi-timbral Modal 001 synthesizer.

In this video, via sonicstate, synth guru Nick Batt explores the sonic capbilities of the Modal 001.

Pricing and Availability

The Modal 001 synthesizer has a suggested retail price of £1350 (EU €1,850, US $1,995).

For product specifications and additional information, check out the Modal Electronics website.

20 thoughts on “Modal Electronics 001 Synthesizer Audio Demos

  1. This thing sounds beautiful, I’m kind of really wanting one as of late, slightly steep in price though. Then again maybe I should just spend more time with the synths I already have.

  2. i am the only one who does not like the sound of these? they lack alot of warmth.. the 001 and 002 sound extremely digitaly unpleasant. the 008 sounds really weired

    1. I’m kinda with you on that. They look well designed with a lot of thought put into them, but something about the sound is a little weird to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. Per the first comment above. I agree. I am not putting down Modal or their products at all. They sound fab, look to be top quality as well. I just don’t see this doing anything that my Pro 2 isn’t up for, if I spend the time. In fact I think the Pro 2 has capability well beyond all other mono synths and beats most of them on price.

    1. I can attest first hand that the Pro 2 and the Modal 001 are not comparable. Not in build quality, not in company responsiveness, yet more critically, not in the breadth of sonic range and capability, not in tonality, and certainly NOT in the manner in which visually, one can see and hear the sound shape as one delves into complex editing. Dave Smith makes nice synths by comparison, yet to me eyes, ears and tactile feel, Modal delivers a refreshingly modern synth with power and depth unrivaled by others.

      I like my Pro 2. I would sell it in a heart beat if I had to choose between my Pro 2 and my Modal 001. I also have the 002.


  4. so we went from 12 voices to 2?? i don’t need 12 voices, but i need more than 2. how about 4!

    i understand they are trying to create contrast in their product line but i personally have never seen the use for a 2 voice synth. i understand mono, but 2 voice just teases you with what it would be like to play a 3 or 4 voice chord. i guess i will have to save up and extra $3,000 to get 2 more voices and 8 voices i dont need!

    I’m only frustrated because i want one so bad, a friend of mine has the 002 and the sound is truly mind blowing. one day…

    1. FS: If you can understand the functionality of a monophonic synth, you can certainly see the benefits here. And if I were you, I might wait until after 2016 NAMM. I am aware that they will release a couple of other variants of these synths. Possibly a desktop version with more voices.

    1. Did not mean to use profane language but when someone pulls out the Moog card against this synth gets my blood boiling. This is light years ahead of Moog, light years!

      The build quality and user interface alone make it a winner for me, but the sound…the sound is a sonic dream. The boys at Moog can still tinker and regurgitate that 60s technology. This is the future right bloody now!

  5. For those of you who moan about the price: you simply haven’t touched it nor heard it.

    I have one for the past 2 months.

    First, the built quality is simply unrivaled and the fatar semi weighted keyboard is the best synth keyboard i ever played. (i have a p12 keyboard)

    The filter: Modal Electronics designed 24dB per octave four pole transistor ladder filter, with some very unusual morphing characteristics or ‘polesweeping’, enabling transition from four pole through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave, or anywhere in between.

    The support: simply incredible. You have any kind of problem or questions. they get back to you within hours sometime even minutes with a solution and they can connect directly to your synth via remote connection. Try that with Arutria or your shiny roland boutique synth.

    2 voice duo phonic and bi timbral : not quite the same as a pro2 and moog sub-37: so i my opinion not comparable.

    There’s really nothing like it and can’t recommend it strongly enough to anyone serious about his sound design and music production.

    This synth is the future.

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