Hands On With The OWL Programmable Eurorack Module

This video, via divkid, takes an in-depth look at the Rebel Technology OWL Modular – a fully programmable digital audio platform, in Eurorack format.

Video description:

The potential for this thing is immense!

Way too many patches already in the default banks for one video but you’ve got a simple 5 bank (A B C D E) system with 8 patches in each bank. The OWL can compile Pure Data patches and has a hefty processor capable of some great high quality FX and sound generators.

With an ARM Cortex M4 processor and plenty of memory, it can be used more than 70 different ways, including as a phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and more.

The OWL Modular is available now for £319. See the Rebel Technology site for details.

One thought on “Hands On With The OWL Programmable Eurorack Module

  1. On one hand, that’s pretty cool how they managed to distill the controls down to the very essence of what is needed.

    On the other hand – and I’m sure there are good reasons for it, like “price” – but it sure would have been nice if they’d stuck an LCD display on there that displayed the bank/patch #/patch name and maybe 16 characters each on what A, B, C, and D do.

    *Shrug* I dunno. Maybe if I used the module I’d find that extra info a disttraction. Again, kudos to the designer for really cutting the controls to a bare minimum that is pretty easy to grasp after watching a minute or two of video.

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