Roland MX-1 Updated With Ableton Live Integration

Roland has released an update to the MX-1 performance mixer, adding Ableton Live integration and more.

Roland’s unveiled the new AIRA MX-1 Ableton Live mode at ADE 2015, with an exclusive performance from KiNK. In the video, above, KiNK launches Ableton Live clips and scenes from the MX-1, as well as controls effect sends and recording automation. 

Here’s what’s new in v1.04:

  • The JUNO-DS was added to the list of products that you can use with the USB HOST connector.
  • An Ableton mode was added.
    You can control the following main functions under Ableton Live from the MX-1.

    • Clip / Scene playback
    • Track SOLO / ARM / MUTE
    • AUX Send

Details on the new Ableton Live mode are available at the Roland site.

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