New Editor For The Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer

Synthmania has introduced an Oberheim Matrix 6 Editor, for Mac & Windows.

It’s compatible with the Oberheim Matrix 6 and 6R and lets you directly edit more than 90 patch parameters.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Some people say the Oberheim Matrix 6 is a very underrated synthesizer. It is not very comfortable to edit its very versatile synthesis and the powerful matrix. But remember the Oberheim Matrix is a powerful 6 voice analog synthesizer.

I love my machine because of its typical Oberheim sound quality, but I hate it to edit some programs.

Now you have access to more than 90 parameters directly…with my new Oberheim Matrix 6 Editor.

The Oberheim Matrix 6 Editor is available for 15 Euros at the Synthmania site.

Note: The Matrix 6 Editor app is compatible with the Oberheim Matrix 6 and 6R, but the firmware of your Matrix 6 must be 2.13.

11 thoughts on “New Editor For The Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer

  1. + 2 (+3 actually because I have two in my rack)
    BTW fellow Matrix 1000 owners, you can get the 1.16 OS EPROMs from Syntar for $17

    1. hey yoypdine ! What is it exactly ? A new firmware ? As I’m currently controlling my m1000 with a CTRLR plugin, do you think this new OS could change somehow the implementation of the m1000 and desable the great connection between the M1000 and my ctrlr plugin (or any kind of sysex control) ? Have you experience it ? Thx for your point of view, and excuse my poor english

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