Electro-Harmonix Intros Crash Pad Drum Synth

electro-harmonix-crash-padElectro-Harmonix has released the Crash Pad drum synth – an updated version of the 80’s analog original.

Like the original from 1980, the Crash Pad can create an array of drum sounds, as well as process external sounds thru its resonant filter.

The new version has been updated to respond to expression pedal/CV input for external control over the filter in real-time.


  • Creates a range of percussive sounds from cymbals, snares and hi hats to oscillation sweeps
  • Triggers via the on-board pushbutton, an external (non-MIDI) drum pad and most clock generator
  • Process external sounds thru the resonant filter + EXP/CV input for real-time filter control
  • Rugged, die-cast chassis, supplied with an EHX9.6DC-200 PSU, also accepts a 9V battery
  • Works great with the EHX Clockworks Rhythm Generator/Synthesizer, 8 Step
  • Program Analog Expression/CV Sequencer and other similar devices

EHX doesn’t have an official demo video for it yet – but here’s a video from Audiofanzine from AES that captures an overview of the Crash Pad:

The Crash Pad is available now for about US $117.

7 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix Intros Crash Pad Drum Synth

  1. With that super resonant filter you can do decent clap/snare and good kicks. That could be an interesting tool, if only one KNOWS what to do in order to achieve drum sounds through synthesis, and the guy embarrassingly did not at all: first basic thing when making drums is raising down TIME, and he never did, LOL
    That’s no guitar thing… Rather producers thing

  2. Mine arrived the other day. Really fun little unit, and a nice compliment if you’ve got the Volca Beats, since the one place that unit kind of falls down is the snare. This gives you plenty of sonic space to augment that weakness.
    The sweeps are pretty fun too.
    Only complaint is plugging in an expression pedal seems to raise the noise floor to nasty levels.
    Ran it through a Strymon Capistan + Whammy 5 and all hell broke loose. Big fan!

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