SampleScience Intros RC808 Plug For Mac & Windows


SampleScience has introduced RC808 – a sample-based emulation plugin that captures the sound of the Roland TR-808.


  • The original 808 drum kit sounds.
  • Velocity sensitive response.
  • The original 808 knobs for each drum sound plus pan, attack, decay and verb controls.
  • LFO for stereo width modulation.
  • Various effects: vinyl, pitch bending and sens/distortion.
  • Preview keyboard.
  • 4 Modes: Main Stereo, Multi-Out, Main Stereo Multi MIDI channels and Multi-Out Multi MIDI channels.

RC808 Audio Demo:

RC808 is available as a Windows (32 bit/64 bit) VST plugin as well as a universal Mac OS X VST and AU plugin for US $12.

11 thoughts on “SampleScience Intros RC808 Plug For Mac & Windows

  1. Seems like a simple idea. A nice 808 emulation with a few extras, based on 808 samples, and only $12 bucks.

    I do have loads of 808 samples, but I don’t really have this kind of interface. Hmmmm. Tempting.

  2. Just go and buy a Roland TR-8, believe me its worth it! I had the original and the TR-8 has the sound, vibe and feel of the original with a few extra bells and whistles.

  3. There’s plenty of TR-808 samples all over the world…
    There’s nothing new in another rompler, something one can achieve with every DAW-stock-soft-sampler…
    At least, if one does a new vintage drums plugin, I expect it could be a Synth-modeled one. Try to render the original synthesis rather than tie up with ribbons a bunch of samples, whether good you can do that…

  4. I really hope Roland will release a proper AIRA TR-808 and TR-909 as plugins or plug-outs. That will be all we need. Properly modelled with a nice classic gui.
    I’m so sick of all the Kontakt libraries, all the sample player whatever Omnisphere killers, and all the cheap ship plugins. We have way to much software and to many possibilities, which actually paralizes us now. Get back and focus on actually making new and interesting music. Less is more, and more productive you get. The whole EDM explosion, with producers only using sample packs, as is, without any shame, and dj’s who don’t even produce shit, act like they are special, fly business class around the globe. What a joke really. Oversaturated market with a bunch of knobs flooding the airways and net with their crap music. When was the last time that you really heard a track, where there was anything in it that you couldn’t figure out how it was done? Seriously! Wtf???
    I had to get this lump out..

  5. Finally! An 808 emulator! Woopee. seriously though, you didn’t have any better ideas kicking around? Why would anyone want to make yet another 808 plugin? This makes no sense at all. Not on a business level, not a creative level, it’s either totally lazy or just totally ignorant. I don’t mean to be harsh, coding plugins is probably difficult and I imagine requires considerable skill to pull off. But come on!!! Next timetake the time to have an actual idea before you go developing and launching a product.

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