SP-12 Drumulator Eurorack Module Available Via IndieGoGo Project

drumulator-euro-moduleDeveloper Jan Ostman has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production of the SP-12 Drumulator module.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We put the SP-12 Drumulator into a eurorack module.

This is a joint venture between DSP Synthesizers in Sweden and Ninstrument.com in the US to put the great 8-bit u-law companding sounds on the map again.

The SP-12 euromodule gives you 8 trig-able polyphonic drumsounds, 6 of them tune-able with CV input in a 10HP euromodule.

It also got a 6dB Accent input and a mix audio output.

The sounds can be tuned into disintegration for some really gritty sounds.
All in a retro style powder coated 10HP aluminum panel.

The module is available to backers for $150 for a DIY kit or $260 for a complete module.

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