Stardust Intros Custom Synth Covers For Vintage Gear


Humberto Matias of Stardust Covers let us know that they have introduced a new line of custom covers for vintage electronic music gear, including classic drum machines and synths. 

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Here’s what they have to say about their custom synth & drum machine covers:

  • The covers are designed to look like they were manufactured at the exact same time your synth was.
  • The vectorized synth designs are printed using UV Digital method.
  • The covers have flaplike ducts for cables, in order to keep them connected even when your cover is on.

Initially, the custom covers will be available for these devices:

  • MINIMOOG Model D
  • DMX / DX
  • TR-707 / TR-727
  • JUNO 6 / JUNO 60
  • TR-808

More custom synth & drum machine cover designs, for both vintage and modern synths, are planned. See the Stardust Covers site for details.

If you’ve used Stardust Covers, leave a comment and share your thoughts on them!

35 thoughts on “Stardust Intros Custom Synth Covers For Vintage Gear

      1. There is no need for “luxurious handcrafted dustcovers”. We can live happily with common generic covers from the flea market.

        1. It’s totally ok that YOU have no need for luxurious handcrafted dustcovers and that YOU can live happily with common generic covers from the flea market..

          1. 😀
            let´s open up a gourmet restaurant with mc donalds price tags.
            let´s sell handcrafted designer furniture for the price of an ikea billy bookshelf.
            let´s make organic fair trade fashion for the price of old curtains, or let´s say for free..

            i could go on forever…a thousand things that will ruin you financially within no time. if you dont like it, dont buy it, simple as that.

  1. Those look really nice, but I’m not sure I’m OCD enough to actually cover my instruments religiously enough to make them worth it.

    I have some recycled heavy duty poly signs from a large clothing chain. They’re not glamorous, but they keep the dust off when I’m not going to be using gear for a while.

  2. Most of these synths and drum machines are worth over $1k now, so it makes sense to treat them like valuables.

    Don’t hold your breath for that Volca cover, though!

  3. “Designed to look like they were manufactured at the exact same time your synth was.” I don’t think so. A 35-year-old leather slip cover would be worn, cracked, and faded, with the silkscreening largely flaked off. These look brand new.

    Seriously, seriously nice looking line of products. Bravo.

  4. Have they been tested in heat? I don’t want to over melting or sticking to the synth. Also what appears when the foam crumbles and aged, can that get into the synth?

    Glad to see the polysix there. But I’d rather have covers I can easily gold way, otherwise I’d need a wardrobe to hang them in when the studio Is in use.

  5. Hi, just to chime in — I did an article 5 years ago on how to get custom covers custom made, including with flap on back for cables, for about $30 — anti-static nylon or frosted non-fade vinyl…. and ability to do some oddball shapes and sizes (I have one for my Minimoog where I can leave it open) — I have *no* relationship to any company making covers and no stupid affiliate link … just feedback for those who might need covers:

  6. for example – the tr8 covers are 30 euros, and machine made and plastic.
    so i guess the prices are totally fine for stuff. handcrafted by one person.
    what´s expensive? for example: the electron bags with a price tag of 150!
    and it´s definitely not handcrafted by one person.
    get down to facts….

  7. From their website

    “a fact of life: dust is everywhere.
    another fact of life: remove dust, and a few days later it is right back”

    I have a strict rule not to have any soft cloth covered furniture in my studio. Which is also the reason I have almost no at all dust here.

  8. Hey how is it going everyone. So as it turns out I have absolutely beautiful and perfect fitted canvas covers for all the gear in my rig. It really helps keeping the dust out and it’s kind of weird that companies don’t over these as an option at time of purchase like auto dealers offer fitted custom floor mats to manage dirt as well.

    My covers I commissioned from a seamstress I know who created them to order, including fitted double seamed holes for cables and such.

    The prices I paid are fairly comparable to the prices cited here. For most people this valuable product is simply not an option at all because the average person simply will not have access to a competent seamstress since this is an old world sort of skill. If you can find one, you cherish her.

    If you don’t need or want a dustcover for your instrument what is the problem here? You are not harmed by this service. Yet narcissistic people seem to be complaining nonetheless. Very few people invest in covers. To be honest it likely doesn’t affect them at all in the long run.

    For those who dream of instrument covers though, this service is a godsend and should be supported. The haters are simply bad people and should be disregarded totally.

    Thank you.

  9. One shower curtain from Goodwill covers everything I have at a cost of a few dollars. I personally would not want to mess with individual fancy covers even if I was rich.

  10. It really is a personal thing, Yes a simple plastic bag does work and is cost effective. And of course, if someone wants to invest their hard earned reddiies its completely up to them. I have ordered the juno 60 and monopoly covers because I like them. Some people smoke and spend that kind of money each week which goes up in smoke, but its THEIR choice, just as it is mine and yours. Also if you have a professional studio with clients using it, these will look the tits! better than a black bag. unless you like covering a $10,000 jupiter 8 with a walmart carrier. Good luck stardust!

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