New Data Eurorack Module An Oscilloscope & More


Mordax Modular Synthesis Systems has announced the Data – a ‘multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems’.

The Data is a digital platform for testing, measurement, and signal generation in Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a modular tool kit, with functions applicable to any system and style.

Here’s a video intro:

The DATA will be shipping with the 7 following functions, as seen in the demo video:

4 Channel Oscilloscope

  • Monitor four independent CV or audio channels
  • Selectable voltage scale, position, AC/DC coupling, and visibility
  • Trigger from any channel, with full scale, user-selectable trigger level
  • Time scale ranges from 50µS to 5 seconds per grid square (total range of 600µS to 1 minute of signal across the screen)
  • X (time) and Y (voltage) measurement cursors with difference display, allowing for simple measurement and windowing of any input signal


  • Measure the precise frequency of any of the 4 incoming signals with a large frequency display
  • The tuning display shows your distance from the closest note graphically and as a frequency number
  • Nearest note is automatically detected and changes while you tune

Voltage Monitor & Source

  • 4 channel input display with real-time voltage readout, a simple CV scope
  • 2 channel manual gate source; hit the bottom buttons one and two for a 0-5V gate out of the CLOCK/GATE outputs 1 & 2 respectively.
  • 2 channel selectable voltage source; dial in -5 to +5 CV values and they are constantly output from the WAVE/CV outputs 1 & 2

Dual Waveform Generator

  • Two independent oscillator channels, with control over frequency, phase, amplitude and offset (wave center)
  • Current waveforms: sine, square, saw, triangle, with waveform output display per channel
  • Frequency range: 4kHz down to 0.01Hz, selected per numeral for quick, precise value input
  • “Note Mode” frequency selection available independently for either oscillator
  • CV assignable control over frequency (1V/Octave) and amplitude (digital VCA)
  • Flexible CV control routing; any of the four input jacks can be freely assigned to any destination, with per destination attenuation (percent value)

Dual Clock Source with Clock Division & Multiplication

  • “External Sync” or “Internal Clock” modes; use it as a precise and stable master clock, or as a clock processor sync’d to an external clock source
  • Dual clock outputs, each can be a ratio of the main clock (internal/external), current div/mult values: x32, x24, x16, x12, x8, x6, x4, x3, x2, 1:1, /2, /3, /4, /5, /6, /8, /12, /16, /24, /32
  • Beat offset shift for each clock pulse, +/- 96 steps
  • Clock display bars show the beats of the main clock and two output clocks relative to each other; shift the offset or change the ratio and the pulses positions change in real-time
  • Pulse Per Quarter Note (PPQN) of the external clock signal user selectable from 1 to 24, allowing for sync’ing to a range of sources (and for further changing your output ratios if used creatively!)
  • Input jacks 1 & 2 act as “Clock Sync” and “Reset” inputs while in “External Sync” mode and as “CV BPM control” and “Reset” while in “Internal Clock” mode
  • Input jacks 3 & 4 are user-assignable CV input sources, which can be assigned to control either of the output clock’s div/mult values and offsets, with selectable attenuation per destination

Spectral Analyzer (single-FFT)

  • Display the current harmonic content of any of the 4 incoming signals
  • User-selectable filter window (Square/None, Hann, Bartlett)
  • Peak frequency bin readout shows you frequency range of the first harmonic (fundamental frequency) in the signal

Spectrograph (multi-FFT)

  • Display the harmonic content of any of the 4 incoming signals over time
  • Each column of pixels along the X axis is one frame of the Spectral Analyzer’s display.
  • User-selectable filter window (Square/None, Hann, Bartlett)
  • Controls for display clear and run/stop

The Data is available now for pre-order for US $395. See the Mordax site for details.

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  1. I watched it go from a breadboard, to that beautiful hunk of tech in the picture. It just so happens the guys making it are incredibly dedicated and come from a deep understanding of producing and performing music. Keep an eye out for other cool modules from them in the future 🙂

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