DIY Synth Building – Oscillators


This video, via casperelectronics, takes a look at DIY synth building and building an oscillator from scratch. And controlling your synth with a watermelon:

Video Summary:

Learn how to make a variety of simple but flexible oscillators (tone generators) using a breadboard and just a few inexpensive parts. This video has been created with newbies in mind, but should still offer some useful info and novel tricks for more experienced builders.


0:20 Intro

2:20 OMSynth mini lab intro
3:10 Electrical components and tools
4:30 The CD40106 hex schmitt trigger

5:37 Basic oscillator

7:30 How it works
11:00 Playing with resistance

12:45 Controlling oscillators with light, touch and DIY resistors
16:52 Syncing oscillators to make a stepped tone generator
19:50 LFOs and interconnecting oscillators.
26:40 Combining LFO and sync

26:49 Wrappin up.

28:05 Party jams
29:39 Shout outs
30:05 Sleepy cat


4 thoughts on “DIY Synth Building – Oscillators

  1. cd40106 , the basis for so many noise maker synths
    only more common is the 555

    it is a pity with all the DIY though that no chip maker has brought out something like curtis chips or a sn76477 design

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