Jean-Michel Jarre On The Evolution Of Electronic Music Technology

In this video, via Native Instruments, Jean-Michel Jarre shares his perspective on the evolution of electronic music technology.

Jarre discusses how the development of music technology influenced his career, from the early machines, like the seminal EMS VCS 3, up to NI’s software synthesizers.

22 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre On The Evolution Of Electronic Music Technology

  1. That was interesting and illuminating. His ability to evolve his workflow with the technology and embrace it — even with such a strong background in analog is admirable.

    Though, I think analog purists might find this a little bit like selling out, it does sound like he wasn’t really willing to shift his thinking until the virtual instruments improved enough to warrant that appreciation.

    His description of the 90’s as a “dark time” was pretty funny (and true).

    1. I agree. I hate “purists” when they get angry at an artist for using whatever tools they damn well please to create their own art.

    2. When somebody makes music since 40 years, it must be refreshing and inspiring to use completely different instruments like software. I say this although I prefer hardware for making music.
      It’s a win-win-situation for all, JMJ promotes his new album on an Native Instruments channel!!
      Always interesting when big musicians talk about instruments and production.

  2. Hmm. A movie by native instruments showing JMJ playing all kinds of NI hardware and software, raving about NI (and no other plugin manufacturer) and he states he is not “endorsed by anyone”….

    1. win win situation! JMJ promotes his new album on an NI channel!
      and even if he would get paid I would not have a problem.
      Why should I?! I like JMJ, I like instruments.
      And manufacturers need that kinda advertising to survive these days.

      1. I’m with Bill Bailey on this chap (even though I used to think he was great) – ‘Jean Michel Jarre is a fraud’, well maybe not as strong as Bill, but I wonder quite how relevant Jarre is these days.

        1. @Baward

          Look at the list of who’s who on Electronica to realise the high esteem every person on Electronica holds JmJ in :
          Hans Zimmer,  Boris Blank, Edgar Froese, Lang Lang,
          Vince Clarke, John Carpenter, Jeff Mills, Portishead, Pete Townsend, Air, David Lynch.

          Art, music is not about relevancy. Its about making art, music for the sake of art.

          If you can understand this, then you Baward can stop attacking a musician that has inspired millions musicians all over the world.

    2. @Monolake


      JmJ was using NI Monark way before this video was made.
      JmJ plays any instrument he likes he has so 40years.

      Lets say you Monolake are a music plugin programmer. You would be over the moon having a legendary person as JmJ endorse your plugin.

      Monolake given that your name is from the EM artist band Monolake :
      Don’t you have anything better to do than snipe at people. Would you like people sniping at you.
      Stop sniping. Go make music.

    3. PS I’d never heard of NI Monark.
      Given that JmJ prefers NI Monark to Moog Voyager
      And I can’t afford Moog Voyager , I am sure glad I now know of NI Monark : will check it out.

  3. If there are any analog “purists” that think JmJ using plugins is “selling out”
    They probably weren’t there.
    Neither do they have 40 year journey.

  4. Anything that is creatively inspiring is great and lots of fun but if you are blasting analogue sources through analogue amplification nothing compares to the energy. Analogue4life!!!

    1. @Mike

      Thing is JmJ has been through energy of Analog through Analog amplification
      Since the 70s.

      JmJ been there done it.
      There’s nothing you or any of us can say to JmJ on this.

      Check out JmJ 2008 recreating Oxygene All Analog :
      “Oxygene in your living room ” YouTube
      As well as touring Oxygene All Analog 2008.

      JmJs Electronica collaboration album :
      blends Analog, Digital, Virtual Analog , Plugin Softsynths :

      This open mindedness from JmJ is refreshing.

    1. Most of artists, composers, producers just don’t care about analog, digital, etc… They just use whatever tools that fit the bill and provide them what they’re looking for. Only purists are debating over this non-sense and useless debates.

  5. I never perceive JMJ as a electronic music guru but someone who was shaping this gene through few decades starts talking about dubstep on NI channel.. that’s pathetic

    1. @Neurotok

      For you to say “starts talking about dubstep on NI channel.. that’s pathetic”
      Is in it self pathethic.

      Seriously try to keep things constructive if you can
      instead of making personal attacks on a person that has inspired millions of people.

      Notice : musicians who have contributed to the world never attack other musicians,
      Whilst nobody’s that have contributed nothing appear on sites as this to attack musicians that have contributed to the world.

  6. I get that he has legendary status, but JMJ was never my cup of tea, and I’ve always been a huge synth nerd. His music just always seemed too “New Age-y” to me. I mean, I have nothing against him, but this just seems like an NI commercial.

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