Roland SH-101 Brain Transplant Adds MIDI Support & New Features

kitTubbutec has introduced the SH-1oh1, a MIDI retrofit and feature extension for the Roland SH-101.

Among the new features are accent, an improved sequencer a clock divider, an additional LFO and more.

Here is the official video intro:


  • Midi in- and output. Can output key presses, arpeggiator and sequencer.
  • Additional Accent Envelope: Programmable accent for volume and filter with adjustable decay.
  • Additional filter LFO A triangular LFO with the high range of 0.2Hz — 8kHz can modulate the filter
  • Additional ADSR for filter: Completely independent envelope with adjustable parameters
  • Improved Sequencer:now has 32 sequences with 120 Steps each
  • Song mode: Sequences can be chained to create a “Song” and programmed live
  • More sequencer and arp modes: Forward, backward, random, ping-pong,..
  • A lot of midi controllable parameters, velocity can be mapped to 9 different targets including accents, filter and 2nd ADSR:
  • Midi filter, pitch bend, arp and s/h-lfo control
  • Clock dividers for internal arp clock and trigger including din-sync compatible divider
  • Settings via an internal configuration menu or external midi controller.
  • Extra features accessible using the existing SH-101 controls
  • Comes with sticker overlays and all necessary parts
  • Easy to install in any SH-101 and compatible with analogue mods
  • For a complete list of features please refer to the user manual.

Sequencer Audio Demo:

The Tubbutec SH-1oh1 is available now for189,00 €. The kit includes: SH-1oh1, 40 Pin socket, transparent stickers, midi sockets and additional wires, screws and nuts for the midi sockets and drilling aid.

Note: The mod replaces the original SH-101 CPU, so you need to de-solder the original CPU and replace it with a socket. If you’re not comfortable with soldering, professional installation is suggested.

13 thoughts on “Roland SH-101 Brain Transplant Adds MIDI Support & New Features

  1. Similar idea to the Quicksilver 303/606

    Picked up a quicksilver 606 a few years ago. The extended functionality of the cpu is amazing. However it does sound slightly different to any other 606 I’ve had. Even though the mod doesn’t directly effect any of the sound generating circuitry, it still sounds different.

  2. Am i the only one hearing a high pitched noisy hiss pulsating in the background in both sample tracks of the one oh one mod? The sound starts in the demo track at 3secs and in the sequencer demo at 6 secs. Is it because of the mod or is there another explanation?

    1. 101’s are notoriously noisy. Usually due to a bad power section or poorly regulated PSU. Search online and you’ll find many fixes.

      1. Alright, so I guess I’m one of the few lucky ones fiddling a relatively silent unmoded 101 with a original power supply 🙂 That high pitched pulsating noise would drive me crazy…

  3. ….so he added a whole bunch of features only accessible via midi. seems not that useful on instrument that primarily excels at live performance.

    my sh-101 is pretty much perfect as is, though I do occasionally think about doing the nova mods..

    1. I agree. I’ve had mine for 30 years (my first synth!) and love it relentlessly to this day. But there have been many times where I wished it had a second LFO and Filter ENV.

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