17 thoughts on “Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll On The New ARP Odyssey

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  2. now that’s some profound viiew on that synth from a man who knows what he’s talking about,
    like the last point with the mod and sync for example. thanks for this.

  3. Thanks Synthtopia for starting this post with a disclaimer that it’s an Arp sanctioned video. This synth is defiantly on my wish list. I wonder if there’s a polyphonic Arp in Korg’s future?

  4. finally a video/review that speaks to me. I only sort of care whether it sounds like the original, I care a lot about it making crazy awesome sounds and he dials in exactly what I like here.

  5. I love mine! Despite not being a fan of mini keys, the slim keys don’t bother me, and it’s actually kinda fun to play them. It also has a very interesting take on the traditional mono synth feature set. Unlike any of my other synth. I can’t imagine any synth nerd not loving this little beastie!

  6. I have one of these too. It brings back fond memories of tormenting music store employees back in the early seventies as I, as a young teen, experimented with the originals back then. I’m grateful that they cheerfully put up with all the bleeps, bloops, explosions and bird noises that I created. 🙂

    Forty years later, I’m enjoying my Oddy immensely. For those that have issues with the keys, it’s a simple matter to hook up an inexpensive midi controller if this matters to you. I control mine with the slim keys (I’m OK with them) or any of the five other keyboards in my setup ranging from a Lucina to a Roland A-88.

  7. Just scooped one of these up for a song from my local GC. It was on clearance and wow, it sounds like a synth that would cost 4-5 times as much.

    In fact, I was playing this right along with the brand new Minimoog Model D and this little Odyssey held its own without any problem.

    Great sounding instrument.

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