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Native Instruments has introduced Flesh – a new ‘performance instrument’ designed for turning rhythmic source material into all the elements of a complete production, including basslines, melodies, chords, harmonies, and more.

Flesh lets you load up to 12 samples, then it analyzes the transients and spectral profile of the sound. This information is transformed it into curves and triggers, which get sent to four audio engines for re-synthesizing as new sonic material. The result is dynamic riffs and grooves that they say ‘feel faithful to the source material’

Here are the official video overviews:

Flesh offers four audio engines, plus effects and modulation sections. Each engine has a specific function, from changing the sonic character of the sample itself to transforming it into a monophonic sequence or lead, chords, or sub-bass frequencies.

Additionally, the sound generated can be further modified by the effects section and modulation page. The effects section re-creates a highly-modified dub delay while the modulation page allows producers to add subtle to radical motion to their sound.

Flesh is also the first Reaktor Instrument designed from the ground up to get the most out of the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards. Color-coded control octaves on Light Guide make it easy to see keyswitches – even on a dark stage.

Flesh also uses the Light Guide to provide tight visual feedback, highlighting sounds and samples, and sequenced harmonies. Parameters are pre-mapped to the eight control knobs on the Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

Flesh is available now for US $99. See the Native Instruments site for more info.

41 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Flesh Performance Instrument

    1. For once, this sort of comment isn’t just whining. It’s completely accurate. That was like giving a one year old a bunch of noise makers and calling the result “music”.

      1. But you can see that he is completely possessed by the gods of craps while playing….and the far eastern statue on the back is like hipster level 99…Holy Crap!

    2. This seems to be a 2015 version of the old Casio keybaords. You remember those – they had the drums, bass line, and chords all on a single keystroke by the left hand. Then you could play rinky-dink “melodies” with the right hand, that sounded like early Nokia ring tones.
      Who needs that these days? What happened to musicianship? This is even worse than DJs calling themselves musicians…!

    3. What a inciting and intelligent statement that is…
      Produced anything lately? We all Synthotiapns would like to hear your non crap work.
      PS;; What a shame that Synthtopia doesn’t offer “downnvotes” anymore…

  1. This seems pretty close to “hit the button and get a song”. Do we really need that? Where’s the craft and the art in it? The plugin is doing all the work. Seems pointless.

    1. Agreed…with enthusiasm. Most producers will squee with joy at a new tool that helps their workflow- ie, not having to actually think, practice an instrument, or learn any musical theory. It’s the difference between a musician and these producers.

    2. It’s a multi-effects plugin. Nothing more, nothing less. Looking at the individual plugins of Flesh there is cool stuff going on. Like any effect, how you use it determines if it is art or bullshit.

  2. This is actually a pretty good concept and the implementation is goodish, it just needs to allow for a kind of pro level of interaction. Like over the kinds of analysis that it’s using, output to midi/notation, ability to save spectral fingerprints, basically a pop the hood kind of mode where you can get in there. Really it’s a resynthesiser that has a nice interface, would probably be alot better suited to an iPad or Lemur, or even VR

    1. The instrument is a Reaktor ensemble. With the full version of Reaktor you CAN ‘pop the hood’ and then completely modify the internal components.
      That’s what I did anyways.

  3. apps like that just makes you lazy :p stealing most important creativity from you :p
    i really like NI but sometimes lads less is better 🙂

  4. This is the millennial version of those old cheesy player organs that used to be in malls with all the parts already mapped to the keys for you

  5. I’m not going to slag this until I try it. As a producer, I could see something like this being useful. The entire point of dance music is for it to be rhythmic. I use Molekular from time to time just to get some weird, rhythmic source material to chop up and spice up tracks with. You old farts need to realize that rhythmic, loopy, electronic music isn’t going away because it’s fun to dance to (oh no, the kids are having fun again!!!!), and the medium through which it is produced is accessible to everyone on the planet. Yes it is simple and repetitious and you don’t need a whole lot of traditional musical knowledge to create it, but so was punk rock and that shit was revolutionary (so was rave culture, even if this modern, commercialized version of it is watered down). Stop slagging everything just because it isn’t Vangelis, Jarre or TD. Music and culture evolve constantly and when you refuse to evolve or be receptive to new things you become a jaded, old, stagnant douche.

    1. I’m also old and agree with you. Nice to see NI doing something different than the same old effects and synths repackaged.

      Tim Exile’s plugins tend to be more about ways to be creative in live performance than production.

  6. It’s Brilliant! Finally, some real music creation & production. Music is finally taking an evolutionary step forward. Haters are going to hate but this is Real music!!! It’s art in it’s purist form. After this I don’t think music can go any further up the evolutionary scale.

  7. I may not need this right now… and I do agree that the first video, the one above makes little sense BUT after going through all the videos, I thought this last one was interesting.
    I do like to sample sounds outside the studio… and here as the last link shows you, one can get creative with this plug-in.

  8. I don’t find it interesting at all. BUT, I guess at $99, it isn’t such a ridiculous price.

    I would feel COMPLETELY differently, if this was released as a free Reaktor Ensemble. Just sayin.

  9. Well without trying to be a hater this instrument has nothing new,,you can just use any loop in a track on ableton or any daw and use some efx to create this things, this is just re package of something has been available forever, add a resonator and you get you ” melodies” , the problem is that most young producers go by hype and it seems that is the pad NI its taking, to give all pre made for this guys is just flooding the industry with tons of garbage ” musicians” , at some point when we all started we used some sounds from somewhere else so you can learn the craft layer by layer and made your own, thats the point of electronic music to create new sounds to compose with, but this kids are even buying secuences and all pre made, you can use it to learn to put tracks rogether but today they thing thats producing, totaly wrong idea,

    Also we have to realize that electronic music was never ment to be western tempered music using synthesisers as most people do, that means the idea was to get rid of all that ” clasical ” music, so to play a keyboard in c with electronic sounds is not going the way was envisioned by the real pioneers of electronic music like xenakis, the idea is to compose using new sounds that may or may not be in a well tempered scale, some people dont understand the concep of composing using sounds not notes so they thing is weird if the track doesnt have chords or melody thats just old thinking, in real electronic music you very rarely hear a melody you listen to some crazy and interesting sounds developing in a compositional way, the problem with that is that again posers are just making any weird noise and claim its a composition which is not, so this device could produce nice sounds but again is meant for kids that want all pre made and easy, does this instrument have something valid? Yes the posibility to create new sounds from old ones, if they are good depends of your taste initial material and skill plus the posibilities the device gives you, is it new or revolutionary? Of course not, would i use it? No way i dont like any one givving me a bunch of pre configured shit, i can load or mix or create my own patches to do this things so im totaly free, the final sound is not pre defined by any manufacturer its just me deciding where to take this sound.

  10. “All my experience in recent years has led me to the conviction that the future of music lies with the progress of modern technology. This will affect both how we create and listen to music.” – Iannis Xenakis (1980)

  11. I own NI Ultimate 10 and there is plenty of AMAZING stuff packed into it for everyone
    Finger – Still Don’t Get it
    Mouth – Still Don’t get it
    Flesh – Got it. Press Key it plays already programed sequenced sounds. 99 bucks for a reactor sample player.
    Sorry, but these I don’t know what to call them (VST) , just don’t fit into making music.

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