8 thoughts on “‘Hands On’ With The Moog Theremini

  1. I had a Theremini for a few weeks and returned it because I didn’t liked the responsiveness and the pitch curved compared to the Etherwave, and it really was a pain to tune and it was required every time it was turned on. Midi implementation also was not that great as it would only send pitch data and not volume/velocity. But it was a tough decision as I really liked its sound.

    I wonder if those issues has been fixed (this was over a year ago).

    1. Every time I turn the Etherwave on I have to wait 20 minutes just for it to warm up so the pitch will stabalize. One of my favorite things about it is just turning it on and off though… wicked weird sounds

      1. I currently have a Etherwave Plus and before I used to have a Etherwave, and neither had this problem. But the room temperature changes the pitch, and I always had to open it to tune it directly on the board with seasons changes.

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