8 thoughts on “Deep Forest – Oyme’s Song

  1. Nice piece. Nice here a cool synthy thing in 3 (or 6 depending on how you are feeling/counting it).

    I really like his melodic improv on the leads. The melodica and vocals were gorgeous.

  2. Finally! As you notice the difference between the composition of an artist and the fake-music of synth’s fetishists who post video “berlin-old-school” or make lists of their equipment to get excited sexually.

  3. Love the part where it looks as if he’s toking out of that little synth 🙂

    Brilliant song and that towering modular set up looks impressive!

  4. Really fantastic combination of vocals and electronics – I like this better than older music, which I think relied more on sampled vocal snippets. This seems like a more honest combination of the folk vocal sounds and the electronics.

    Great playing by Mouquet on the Melodica – it sounds surprisingly like an accordion.

    Really love the gorgeous outfits on the vocalists, too!

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