Editor For The Roland Aira TB-3 Synthesizer


Reader Momo Miller let us know that he has developed an editor for the Roland Aira TB-3 synthesizer, EFX.Remote.

The patch editor lets you edit the effects section and the wave/filter settings on the Roland TB-3.

EFX.Remote is available for US $5, for Mac & Windows.

If you’ve used EFX.Remote, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

13 thoughts on “Editor For The Roland Aira TB-3 Synthesizer

    1. “Hey man, saw your cool project on synthtopia. I noticed a typo, thought i would let you know”

      “Oh, that’s very kind of you. Nice of you to let me know, instead of making fun of me”

      But no…

  1. Not a bad layout and like the XY pads. Didn’t realise the TB-3 effects had so much going on under the hood. But agree that comic sans wouldn’t be my first choice of font. There are typo’s on ‘Distortion’ too.

  2. It says $5 but on the site and check out its 5 Euros. Also, the payment process only accepts Germany as a country. Developer, please fix this payment process so we can buy your VST

  3. I make acid music , have one for a long time. I use Bass bOtts and xoxbox.I sold my 303 years ago and have no regret I did. I was very disappointed with the tb 3, The digital signal does not have the presence of the analogue machines. I wish it did. I I sold my TB 3 v quickly . I can not see this software improving the sound of the TB, just the editing.

  4. Great! Just bought it. I had no idea it was possible to edit things like mix the waveforms or choose the distortion type!
    The only thing I think is missing is a Env Mod Controler e Accent Knob. This way I don’t need to even look to the tb3 anymore!

  5. Great job! Does it reflect the changes of patch/preset when changing preset on the TB3 itself? .. dunno if its even possible, but would be great to have (the free editor did not have that)

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