Intros Moog Expansion Systems

Modular synth manufacturer has introduced a new line of Moog Expansions Systems – preconfigured cabinets of synth modules that are designed to complement vintage or modern Moog Modular systems.

The Expansion Systems are made up of modules, which are physically compatible with the classic Moog Unit (MU) form factor, but are modern module designs. Many of the modules offer features not found in the Moog systems, like MIDI control and quantizing.

The modern Moog Modular systems differ by using Moog’s original designs and ‘new old stock’ (NOS) parts. As a result, the systems are effectively reissues of the originals. modules will patch together with a Moog modular, since their signal levels are similar and both systems use 1/4″ phone jacks. uses a modernized power system and modern gates and voltage levels, but modules can be patched together with an understanding of the systems’ differences. Details are available at site.

me8s_1000Five Moog Expansion Systems are available:

  • ME8s – Portable Sequencer – Adds an 8-stage Moog-Style sequencer to your Moog portable system. – $1,463
  • ME8q – Portable Sequencer Aids – Adds a cabinet of modules to complement the Q960 Sequencer. Sequential switch, gate combiner, LFO++, quantizing with MIDI output. – $1,689.50
  • ME8e – Portable Expansion Modules – This portable cabinet of modules adds features not found in a stock Moog portable system including an instrument interface, MIDI Interface, arpeggiator, portamento, LFO, State-Variable Filter and a Sample-and-hold. – $1,573.50
  • ME22s – Dual Sequencer Complement – This studio cabinet stacks on top of a Moog 35 or 55 studio system to add a pair of Q960 Moog-Style sequencers along with sequential switches, gate combiners and quantizers with MIDI output. Beautiful solid walnut construction. – $3,667.50
  • ME22e – Expansion Cabinet – This studio cabinet stacks on top of a Moog 35 or 55 studio system to add a wide array of useful functions. MIDI interface, arpeggiator, portamento, instrument interface, LFO++, 8-channel mixer, ring modulator, sample-and-hold, state-variable filter, envelope generators and VCAs. Solid walnut. – $3,156.50

For more information on the Moog Expansion Systems, see the site. See the Moog Music site for more information on their Modular System reissues.

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