Hands On With The Black Market Modular Colour Palette

Knobcon-2015 - 88

At Knobcon 2015Black Market Modular officially introduced the Colour Palette – a unique Eurorack module that promises to be a mini-platform for synthesists.

Here’s a new demo video, via Raul Pena of Modular Wild:

The Colour Palette is unique in that it can host up to three submodules, so you can customize the module to perform the functions that you want in your modular. Available submodules include saturation, filtering, delay, and many others.

The Colour Palette is available now for US $279.

4 thoughts on “Hands On With The Black Market Modular Colour Palette

    1. Well it’s not like the Colour Palette makes much of a sound without some Colours installed. The sound then depends on the installed Colour card, so you might want to search youtube for demos of those and not the Palette.

      Here’s a couple of links to get you started:


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