Drahthaus – Notch

Vienna-based Drahthaus shared their latest music video, for Notch, a track that combines electronic and acoustic instruments. 

Equipment used in this song:

4x Ableton Live
Ableton Push
Korg NanoKontrol
Novation Ultranova
Icon Neuron
Roland E-Drumkick
Mute Piano
Carton With Elastics (ContactMic)
Cheese Grater With Thimbles
Metal Bowl
Metal Mortar
Knife with Sharpener

10 thoughts on “Drahthaus – Notch

  1. Beautiful production (sound sources, mix, reverb, etc.), interesting harmonic choices. The rhythmic pallet was all pretty standard stuff. Not something I’d need to listen to more than once, but a good example of what happens when you set foot outside “basic-chord-ville”.

    What sticks with me now that it is over, is not the “Stomp-like” use of the cheeze grater (which we’ve already heard a thousand times), or any of the other samples, but more that there was a more adventurous approach to a couple of weird chords, and a willingness to stretch a little bit into a tiny amount of dissonance.

  2. It is just pathetic how they are making it a fvcking trend to display these “oh-look-how-special-I-am” idiotic musick that can already be done automatically by pressing play on any half-azz pattern kit included in Maschine or Elektron or even Reason. No, you stupid fvcks, hitting a fucking pan with a spoon DOES NOT make you special nor a genius whatsoever. Your puke-inviting eternally boring and repeatitive 4/4 loop is monkey VOMIT itself. How about you focus on the music for a moment and stop trying to be fvcking cute for a change??? You can’t. I thought so. Keep catering to imbeciles. I will keep calling you out.

    1. I thought this was pretty awesome myself. I enjoyed the textures, rhythms and the moody, cinematic nature of the track. Rhythm and it’s inherent “loopiness” which you decry was the beginning of music as we now know it and remains it’s most fundamental element. There is a reason why popular music is based on a strong, repetitious rhythm – people like it. People love to dance, it’s communal, sexual and primal. It’s odd to me that you would be on a synthesizer web site and would be so opposed to such things since the vast majority of electronic music contains the elements which seem to hate so much. For the sake of us all, please post some of your music so that we may bask in the rays of your brilliance and thus be inspired to flee our primate-like obsession with trivial, beat-based music.

    2. wow the pure misdirected anger in this comment is just wow.
      I enjoyed it. I didn’t see anyone calling them geniuses. I took it for what I saw. A visually entertaining video for a pretty good track. You should maybe try redirecting this anger and use of V’s towards making your own music.
      haters gonna hate right?

  3. Well what I applaud is the chord progression and the clean production. The rest of the hipster stuff is questionable but they succeed marvelously in their track later on. The Higher plan boys. The cheese grater is just that. Cheese.

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