Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno

This video captures a ‘mechanical techno’ jam, by Graham Dunning.

Dunning incorporates mechanical rhythm generators into his performances, to create an alternative to computer-perfect repetition. 

“You get sick of hearing the same disco sample over and over again,” he explains. “It always sounds exactly the same. It’s always exactly on point in the bar. This system introduces quite a lot of unknown elements.”

Recorded live, 9/19/2014

via Karin Weissenbrunner

11 thoughts on “Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno

    1. You may be missing the point. It is not supposed to be “perfect”. It’s a pile of old records on a stick bouncing things around. Of course he could have edited it until it was perfect, but I appreciate the reality of juggling in real time in front of a live camera and having the balls to post it. At least give some credit for creativity.

      Then again maybe if he wasn’t drinking beer……

  1. great concept – but not as great execution – it kinda sounds like some random performances I have done with other people when we have never played together and had no idea what equipment we were bringing so it never really gelled…

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