13 thoughts on “Custom iVCS3 MIDI Controller

  1. All that design, it would have been easy to put in a hardware synth behind those play controls.
    Do not understand the logic?
    I am sure I will get told quick enough.
    How many Ipads later before people realise hardware synths are more than cost effective.

    1. More than cost effective? I would like to hear more about why this is so because I just don’t see it. In my opinion, soft synths don’t only save money but they also meet the needs of the beginners and pros alike.

      I can buy a soft synth capable of high stereo synthesis with many varieties of oscillators and filters for $100 or less now. On the flip side, buying a hardware synth with a fraction of the capabilities would cost me hundreds per module.

  2. for the amount of work, and parts expense, that was put into this you could build a very nice analog synth.

    maybe hallfway to a TTSH?

    i don’t get it. especially as these are the sort of sounds where analog excels and you really hear the difference.

    1. The cost of a MIDI brain or MIDI CPU, plus some pots is nowhere near what an analog beast would run.

      The benefit of having a rig you can manipulate without rubbing a tiny featureless glass plate? priceless.

      1. as someone with a large, mostly DIY, analog modular system, I disagree.

        hardware, faceplots, nice pots, switches, and knobs, are a solid 50-75% of the cost as well as effort put into building a synth. Circuit boards are cheap, and modern components are very cheap.

        that livid board he is using as a midi interface is $189 and if you factor in the cost of the ipad… not cheaper than building an analog synth.

  3. Awesome, no doubt. but iVCS3 has LFOs for most knobs and that’s an important feature and you access them from knobs on the display…

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