Dreadbox G-System Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Dreadbox, captures a live synth jam, shot at their workshop, with two of their G-System modular synths. 

Technical Details:

The left G-System performs the drum sounds, via an Arturia Beatstep Pro, while the right one performs all the synth sounds, controlled by a standard MIDI keyboard and later on by a guitar.

8 thoughts on “Dreadbox G-System Synth Jam

  1. I really like the way he has mastered quarter notes on the guitar, even employing more than one note. I didn’t know you could do that…

  2. Very nice sounds. I agree a little heavy on the verb, but it’s creating its own outworldliness. Surreal but it would be better if the sounds were a little darker with the verb. Then in my opinion it would be cooler. Nonetheless nicely done and the bass and increase in tempo towards the end liven things up. Nice process of building the sounds.

  3. Dreadbox synths are proven to sound fat and analog. No reason to criticize on that. The reverb fits nicely. More from Greece like that! Polysynths maybe…. 😉

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