Roland Boutique Synthesizer Demo Videos (JP-08, JU-06, JX-03)

This series of videos, via Hunart, features the Roland Boutique line of micro synthesizers.

The first video, above, features the entire line. The videos below each feature an individual synth in the Boutique line.

Roland JX-03 Demo

Roland JU-06 Demo

Roland JP-08 Demo

Each of the demos was recorded with no added effects or compression.

For more info on the synths, see our earlier Roland Boutique posts or the Roland site.

19 thoughts on “Roland Boutique Synthesizer Demo Videos (JP-08, JU-06, JX-03)

    1. I disagree. I have the JU-06 and there’re is no problem with the size. It sounds great and the faders are absolutely fine. I can’t compare the size to the original as I have never played one but I don’t have particularly small hands or anything. In fact I love the size of it as anything bigger would take up too much room on my desk as I’m running out of space! It’s also really well built.
      On the other hand I am getting the JP-08 for Xmas and I’ve had a look at it and the faders on that and they really are tiny! I can’t comment on how it plays yet with faders that small as I haven’t tried it but I’m still looking forward to it considering how much I love the JU-06. I imagine the controls will be fine for the JX-03 as well.
      Most of all I’ve had a lot of fun with it and it’s inspiring me to write more music. I have a few of synths without controls (Tetra, Mopho, dx7) so having one control for each parameter makes a massive difference to me at least.

      1. I think they would’ve done much better if they at least had midi CC control for the params so a real controller can be used, with joysticks and xy pads and all that.

        at least they seem to sound a bit better in real life than in the official demoes! Some nice bass on the Jupiter here.

    2. I have the JU-06 and the JX-03, the controls are fine and they sound stunning, these are superb emulations for those of us who don’t have the money or space for the real thing…..good as these demos are you should hear them in real life. The bottom end on the JU-06 is big.

  1. First of all let me just say that these demos were fantastically executed. This gentlemen has crafted some lovely bits of music with these little synths. I was impressed with the skill in which he was actually able to play these little things live and conjure some compelling tunes with such a limited platform. That being said, I just don’t like the sound of these synths. They sound very thin to me and just lacking any character. I still would’ve loved to have had one when I was sixteen and just starting to become interested in synths. I’ll take my old JP8000 over all three of these things any day.

  2. I just got a JP-08 and I’ve had absolutely no problems with the controls. All you do is plant your fingers on the device above and below the slider you’re using, and this acts as an anchor – I’m able to make really precise adjustments this way.

    I’ve got to say, I am thrilled with it. I’m using an old Jupiter 8 manual to get me started with the controls, and it’s fantastic.

    Yes it’s small – but the build quality is fantastic, making it really feel solid. And if you use the sliders like I said – finger above it, pressed down on the faceplate, thumb below it, pressed down on the faceplate, you can make extremely precise adjustments.

  3. I am really warming to these…..they are cute and I think they sound really good………..I prefer mini keys to be honest …..synths take up too much room!

    All you need is one and some kind of multitrack and you can do anything you like ……less is more

  4. cheap plastic toys, stupid 4 note polyphony, Yes they look cute but I’m not buying into this crap, like poster above they sound thin, sterile, too small, not for me sorry

  5. i bought the ju and jp. The jp was way to small in terms of faders but the ju worked fine. I have no idea why roland didnt make them 17 inches wide and space things out more. Wouldnt have added a lot of cost. They sounded great but i ultimately returned them as i assume we’ll get the real deal at namm in the form of a system 2 or something that is full size and uses the models in a plug in (and by in i mean out) sort of system since thats all these are is chips running a model.

  6. Actually this video is well crafted and well shot, but the SQ is not the best, so for better Jupiter sound I’d recommend to look at another few videos. I bought two jp 08s and I’ve gotten almost the original 8 voice Jupiter. Sounds fantastic and the bass threatens to blow my speakers in chained mode. Jx03 is also fab. Well worth the money. Those of you old timers with nostalgia should stop living in the past and get with the program. Roland is not looking to lose money on a few surviving rich old synth heads. It’s giving you instead modular USB 24 bit sound. Deal with it.

  7. I mean all they had to do was to make these things full 8-note polyphonic, real (not virtual!) analog, 5-octave full-size keys and throw in polyphonic aftertouch. Oh and keep the same price point. Is that really so hard?

  8. To all those people that think these sound thin and sterile. Hahahahahahahahahaha!
    I know you really want them to suck. They don’t. I’ve owned all the originals and these nail them.
    Don’t buy them. I’m having a great time.

  9. I got the JP-08 and JU-06, and they sound fantastic! I have no problem programming either, and I have large hands. Midi CC would be nice, but doesn’t sysex allow for more definition? I love the size. The price is right. I tried the system-1 out a few times, these have way more body to them. They’re definitely not toys.

  10. Got the JP-08. A bit fiddly but worth the hassle just for the hands-on. The Yamaha CS gets you to good sounds quicker but I’m getting used to what the JP can do. I don’t care if these things don’t impress with size. It’s nice to get back to REAL synthesis after decades of ROMpler preset hell. Now I’m hoping someone releases a “toy” sampler (as opposed to a beatbox) so I can channel my inner Zoolook.

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