Spectrasonics Retires DVDs, Moving To Digital Delivery & USB Drives


Spectrasonics has announced that it is phasing out DVD delivering and moving to digital delivery and USB drives.

The company is now using USB drives in their in-store packaging for all three of their virtual instruments, Omnisphere 2, Trilian and Stylus RMX Xpanded. The company is now selling full Download Editions of each of the three instruments.

Spectrasonics’ Founder and Creative Director Eric Persing notes, “We happily bid farewell to the era of optical discs and their eternal install times!”

Existing customers who want the same convenience as the new editions can also purchase the new USB drives for the instruments they already own, or for a nominal fee purchase full downloads of their current instruments as an Additional Download. These “Support Services” options for existing users are available in Spectrasonics Webstore/Techshop.

20 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Retires DVDs, Moving To Digital Delivery & USB Drives

  1. I’d like to see developers give a lighter install, and let the user load sample on-demand, rather than automatically filling up tons of hard drive space that is often simply dead space from then on.

  2. Currently trying a download, and it would be polite to describe Spectrasonic’s download service as pathetic, particularly compared to large downloads from game companies. You’re going to get a lot of dropouts with a message that it ‘might take ten minutes’ to restart. It doesn’t restart, it’s gone. Try again and it takes ages to checksum what little you have so far.

    They need to urgently put in place some heavy duty data service, it’s really unprofessional.

    1. …same for me here on a 50Mbit line. 16 hours for 20% of Trillian. And then lots of stalls (…might take ten minutes) with no retart.

      Spectrasonics should use a professional hosting service. Especially for that (full) price!

      1. … I started a completely new download and now it’s running like crazy! I suppose, they had to tune their servers 🙂 Thank you Spectrasonics.

  3. internet download for spectrasonics bad idea, usb great idea.

    i still back up all my downloads to disk, especially when its over a gb, you never know who’s going to go bust or be bought out.

  4. I dunno what kind of instrument they’d be trying to fit through the internet. Them internet tubes are pretty small. Maybe fit a kazoo. Maybe a tin whistle if they ain’t too bendy along the way.

  5. I quite like the idea of having the two options of a USB drive and a download option, and with either, perhaps the ability within the installer to enable various objects in the install list. This idea of being able to gracefully purge and hide sounds you know you would never use, but then be able to unhide the list of “previous rejects” should the need arise.

    GarageBand has a model like this that shows a file hierarchy and allows you to check boxes. It is also a VERY large download, so for some folks it is unworkable.

  6. ooooooweeeee gee you’re just sooooo modern, oh wow!!!!!
    Yeah, just keep pushing for the extinction of cds, records, books and the like,
    and what a lovely convenient (and fucking boring) world we’ll be living in….
    Fuck off!

  7. It’s so great when we can mow down all the trees to make books and paper to wipe our butts. Then have CD’s and DVD’s and vinyl filling up the land fill and poisoning the water. Such an exciting world is yours. It clearly has worked wonders on your anger management. Peace be with you.

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