Beep Street Intros Dagger Circuit-Modeled Monosynth


Beep Street has introduced Dagger – a new monophonic synthesizer, for Mac & Windows, based on circuit-modeling technology.

According to the developer, “Dagger captures the spirit of analogue synths, but does not try to emulate any of them, its designed from the ground up to bring you its own distinctive, bold character.”

Here’s a video demo:


  • Engine
    • 2x oversampling (Filters 8x)
    • Audio-rate processing of all signals
    • Power supply model – introduces a bit of characteristic noise into every signal
  • Oscillators
    • 2 oscillators with wave shape morphing and hard-sync
    • Modulation destinations: pitch, phase, detune, oscillator 1 wave shape
    • Modulation sources: LFO modulator (env mode supported)
  • Filters
    • 8x oversampled, circuit modelled, zero-delay feedback, highly nonlinear filters designed especially for Dagger synth
    • 1 ‘japaneese style’ 12db, noisy high-pass filter with highly nonlinear resonance
    • 1 low pass filter, 5 models available
      • 12 db Steiner-Parker
      • 2x transistor-ladder
      • 2x diode ladder
    • Modulation sources: Envelope, LFO, Oscillator 2, Modulation wheel
  • Modulation
    • Multi-mode modulator (LFO, Decay envelope, VCO)
    • ADSR envelope generator
    • Modulation sources: Key velocity, Modulation wheel
  • Amplifier
    • High quality, warm diode-clipper circuit model
    • Modulation sources: Envelope (ADSR, partial envelope: R o AR), LFO

Dagger is available now for US $40.

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