2016 NAMM Show Preview: The Teaser Video That Tells You Absolutely Nothing Edition

2016 NAMM Show: And so it begins….

Denon DJ released this sneak preview / teaser video, which looks wicked cool but tells you absolutely nothing.

They note, “As climate changes and stars align, this is the tip of the ‘Ice-Berg’ for Denon DJ 2016.”

What do the pyramids and the Mayan calendar have to to with DJ gear? We don’t know, but expect to find out more at the Winter NAMM Show.


5 thoughts on “2016 NAMM Show Preview: The Teaser Video That Tells You Absolutely Nothing Edition

  1. The Mayans predicted a lot more mainstream modular, more rehashes of older synths, and controllers, controllers, CONTROLLERS….uh…and probably special edition guitars with dubious collectibility.

  2. Yamaha will announce the VLiOS, & also 5 new lines of stage piano.

    Roland drop the long awaited JV1001, a retro re-release of the JV1080, now with 8 partials of polyphony, & a single “focused” effects bus, to help the user really think about the signal processing they want to use…

    Korg will release the Kronos 3, which will be exactly the same as the Kronos 1 & 2, only with wooden fader caps, for that vintage mix feel.

    Arturia will drop 9 oscillator mono synth

    Novation will release a supernova 3, housed in a half-unit rack unit. they’ll also drop some DJ product thats based around the grid system from ableton live.

    native instruments will introduce another variant of machine, thats made exclusively from materials mined from broken MPC60’s. They’ll also show off another new software hardware control protocol for operating all of your plugins away from the computer (that can’t be used without access to a computer screen).

    waldorf will joke about a blofeld 2… & then release a new version of waldorf software edition, with new features like “actually working on contemporary DAW’s”

    Ableton will show off push 2. & remind us all about it, with another software update to Live that adds nothing.

    Akai will show a new analogue synth with 8 oscillators & 1 controller knob.

    they’ll be a public library’s worth of modular stuff that no one can afford.

    Schmit will be there as usual, showing off the polyschmit, no one can afford one but we’ll watch the video’s anyways & drool over the filter banks & the fact that it has 4 different knobs for powering it up.

    can’t wait

    1. You made my day! May i add Ibanez will release another electric guitar named XYZ which looks like the others and sound like the others but is different…

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