Electro-Harmonix Intros Super Space Drum + Crash Pad Drum Synths

Electro-Harmonix has introduced two new analog drum synth pedals, the Crash Pad and Super Space Drum, based on a vintage set of analog drum synthesizers:

  • Like the original from 1980, the new Crash Pad can create an array of drum sounds and ‘other-worldly’ oscillation sweeps, as well as process external sounds thru its resonant filter. It’s also been updated to respond to expression pedal/CV input for external control over the filter in real-time.
  • The Super Space Drum is a reissue of the 1979 original. It uses analog synthesis techniques to create sounds ranging from deep kicks to high toms to sci-fi drums. Trigger it from the built-in pushbutton or an external (non-MIDI) electronic drum pad. Pass external sounds through the gated amplifier via the aux input.

For details, see the EXH site: Crash Pad | Super Space Drum

13 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix Intros Super Space Drum + Crash Pad Drum Synths

  1. Nice! But would be even nicer if those things took less room by having small 3.5mm jacks for triggers. It would also be nice if EHX would start using white knobs with black indicator. Those knobs are impossible to read in darker environments. I had to paint my EHX pedals knobs white because they were impossible to see while performing.

  2. It wouldn’t be very EHey but something like this would be more tempting to some of us as a 4-in-1 rack unit with some of the (very nice) casing costs reduced.

    Video was very cool. Seems to me that EH has enough interesting stuff (and enough interesting fans) that they could and should be doing a Moog In the Lab style series with people making music on their stuff alone. I know I’d volunteer to spend a day with nothing but mountains of EH stuff!

  3. I have the crash pad. I sampled a bunch of the possibilities and loaded them onto a Roland SPD-SX. Did the same with the Volca Beats and a Mini-Pops too. Obviously you lose the tweakability factor but that setup is really fun to perform with.

  4. Does anyone know if these will work with any cv sequencer? There are some on reverb and eBay for 100-150$. Rather get one of those than the clockworks

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