Synthrotek MST MIDI To CV Eurorack Module Demo

Synthrotek shared this brief look at their new MST MIDI-to-CV Module – a Eurorack MIDI to CV converter. 

Video Summary:

We show how you can send MIDI information from your DAW (in this case, Ableton Live) and use the MIDI to CV convertor of our module to control a Eurorack system.

We also demonstrate sending information back the other way to your DAW; for example, using an LFO in your Eurorack setup to send a Square Wave out to the MST MIDI-to-CV module, which can then be used to change the tempo of your DAW.

We also show how you can use the MST MIDI-to-CV module on other gear, like the Korg Volca Sample.

Details on the Synthrotek MST MIDI To CV Eurorack Module are available at the Synthrotek site.

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