Analog Kick Drum Synthesis With A Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

In this video, German producer Tobi Neumann shares his approach to making analog kick bass drum sounds with a simple set of Eurorack modular synthesizer gear.

Neumann uses five different modules in creating his analog kick drum sounds:

Got your own way of synthesizing kick drum sounds? Share your thoughts in the comments!

via DJ Tech Tools

6 thoughts on “Analog Kick Drum Synthesis With A Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

  1. sounds great, but $1300 or so to make kicks is a little wild for me. I have no clue what else the modules can do since I haven’t gotten into modular yet, but still a great video.

    1. all the modules in this video are really intended for use in a larger system, it’s really a very complicated way of making a kick. for example you can make nice kicks with just a cheap resonant filter and the function generator with just two patch cables. Consider also you could make about a million variations on the kick for sampling, etc

    1. My zero patch cable low cost solution : a Bastl Skis (twin decay+VCA) with no audio input. There’s even a fuzz switch for more fun.
      Before that, I used a fast envelope through a resonant filter, like everybody else.

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