Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms, ‘The Next Generation Of Modular Synthesis’


Pittsburgh Modular today officially introduced the Lifeforms Modular – a new line of Eurorack modules that they describe as ‘the next generation of modular synthesis’.

The Lifeforms Modular is based around two modules, the SV-1 Analog Modular Synthesizer & the KB-1 Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller. The modules can be used individually, together as a pair, or as part of a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Here’s the Lifeforms Modular intro video:

The modules are available as part of three Euro starter systems.


Lifeforms SV-1
Analog Modular Synthesizer
Suggested Retail Price $699

Here’s what they have to say about the SV-1:

The Heart and Soul of Modular Synthesis

The Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms SV-1 is a complete dual oscillator synthesizer, designed to be the core of your eurorack modular system. Building on the sound and legacy of our celebrated Waveforms oscillator, the SV-1 module features two full-range independent analog oscillators; sound sources that are perfect for dynamic and inspired performances. In addition to these two high-performance oscillators, we stuffed the SV-1 with a perfectly curated set of modular synthesis tools including dual, chained mixers, a plucky, four stage envelope generator, and of course, our legendary analog state-variable filter.

The Lifeforms SV-1 is a synthesizer powerhouse, providing absolutely everything you need to create gigantic and iconic synth sounds: roaring bass, shimmering leads, lush pads and warm drones are only a few knob turns away. Instantly, out of the box, a rich feature set with a fluid, easy to understand interface empowers you to create vibrant, thick tones. Modulation and Tools sections fill out the analog SV-1 modulation capabilities with a triangle and square LFO, two sub-octave oscillators chained to the main oscillator, and noise with sample & hold.

Your Sound, Your Way

Pre-patched under the hood, patch cables are not necessary to get started. But as soon as you begin patching, you will feel the power provided by the 53 patch points and 21 knobs. By breaking each feature of the synthesizer out with patch cables, a tremendous amount of flexibility and control emerges to patch up any sound your imagination can dream up. All the tried and true analog classics are there at your disposal: sine, sawtooth, triangle and square. In addition, our exclusive and powerful blade wave on Oscillator 1 adds a unique weapon to your sonic arsenal. Deep modulation options award you complex control of nearly every function of the SV-1.

A Team Player

We’ve designed the Lifeforms SV-1 to be the perfect centerpiece of any eurorack synthesizer regardless of size. In a smaller system, the SV-1 provides a wide variety of synthesis options through a hefty set of synthesis tools. Combined with a larger collection of modules, you can unlock never-before-heard expressiveness and unparalleled control over the rich feature set of the SV-1. The ability to patch and integrate the SV-1 with other existing eurorack compatible gear gives you truly infinite modulation and expansion options.

Audio Demos:

13 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms, ‘The Next Generation Of Modular Synthesis’

    1. That SV-1 is about 10 Eurorack modules rolled into one, I’d say it is on the money, if not a little bit pricey.

      The KB-1 may also be on the money, or maybe a little pricey, but what do you compare that to? Who is making a pressure keyboard in Eurorack format?

      But then they put these two units together and you got a basic mono-synth for $1,600-2,050 – that seems very pricey.

      1. Make noise – Rene and pressure points – there’s plenty, actually

        And I believe the description said this is a two voice synth

    2. Icredible synth ….with a horrible manual.and no patch examples of the kb1 in the case with the sv1. Not one.and in classic modular snobish fashion it only tells the reader what everything is but not how it is used in practice.maybe thats why modular was so un popular for so many years.SNOBS and insiders are always obticals in that field of sythesis.infomatoin for fist time users is only avalible on the internet now.and its about as helpful as a shovel to the face.maybey some day someone will REALLY come down off there high horse and try to be alot more welcoming to the MODULAR CURIOUS….

  1. I hope that the mini jack midi port uses the same format as the one on the beat step pro for instance, then you could directly connect one port to the other without the need for the mini jack to 5pin connectors. If more eurorack modules implement this you could use multi’s to spread the love. Gear that can’t fit the 5 pin dins could also benefit and we’d see modules that can communicate much greater info between each other.
    That’s what I think anyway.

  2. What exactly makes this ‘the next generation of modular synthesis’? Dont get me wrong. It makes some nice sounds. But ‘the next generation of modular synthesis’? This term is being thrown around much to easy these days. “We have meda a new kickass synth” would be much better. At least honest.

  3. I got in to modular as it was pretty cheap to put an interesting and unique mono synth together, this is very pricey compared to say Moog Mother + stuff like minilogue (4 voice poly for the price of a mono module) make this look way to expensive.

  4. Have they ironed out the power issues with the PM cases? I remember a few years back there were all sorts of wonky power problems with their cases. Other than that issue, I would be interested in using their pre-configured kits as a starting point into the wonderful world of Eurocrack. 🙂

  5. ..dont get me wrong..im just talking about the cases, not the modules. Pm has one of the best i think, but cases are always pricey..no offend..

  6. This is a monster and an answer to the music easle,that has held this position for far to long at that price point. What Pittsburgh and many other company’s are realizing is that we want something that feels like an instrument not a module that on its own has very little character without a pile of other modules.This thing has an aggressive or clean ability and it starts with the keyboard controller a synth and goes from there period. Pads are ok but a keyboard gives you note information just because of what it is …pads don’t. I bought one as soon as I saw it and it’s built like a tank. Can’t wait! Peace christo

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