Roli Seaboard Rise Review

This set of videos, via Marius Leicht, is an in-depth eview of the Roli Seaboard Rise MIDI controller.

The review is in German, with English subtitles. It takes a deep look at the Rise, covering:

0:34 Introduction
1:58 The 5 dimensions
7:20 Microtonality
10:58 Matrix 1000 + Strymon
11:50 Equator Software
15:02 Equator sounds
17:42 Controlling other synths
19:13 Setting up the Blofeld
21:17 Blofeld Sounds
22:26 Setting up the Matrix 1000
24:16 Seaboard Hardware
26:12 Conclusion
28:42 Outro Music

Leicht also shared a video that’s just performance examples:

The Seaboard RISE is available for $799.99 at the ROLI site and at select music stores.