Synth Jam With Korg Minilogue

This video captures an ambient atmospheric performance by synthesist Daniel Davis

of-time-and-starsThe composition was inspired by the imagery of the Penguin cover of Arthur C. Clarke’s Of Time and Stars, right

Davis notes that the performance features the recently introduced Korg Minilogue synthesizer.

Davis has released more than 20 albums, many under the name Carl Sagan’s Ghost.

You can find more examples of his work at his SoundCloud page.




12 thoughts on “Synth Jam With Korg Minilogue

    1. LOL. That’s not a Korg Minilogue. It’s an Elektron Analog Keys, which costs over three times as much as a Minilogue.

      Just where is the Minilogue in this “Synth Jam With Korg Minilogue?”

        1. I fade in a sequence on the ML towards the beginning, use it for a lead part during the middle, and for spacey noises during the end.

  1. I have that book with the exact same cover. It was my first ever serious SF book. The music seems to reflect the contents of the book more than the cover.

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