Anyware Instruments Moodulator Desktop Analog Synthesizer


Reader Filip Sneppe let us know about the Anyware Instruments Moodulator – a new analog monophonic desktop synth, with a MIDI interface and a variety of modulation options.

The oscillators, audio path and filter are 100% analog circuits. Only the MIDI interface and the envelopes include digital parts.

Here are the details:

  • 2 Oscillators (Saw, Square & Pulse)
  • with 2 Suboscillators
  • booster circuit for original vintage analog sound
  • sync, ringmod, Osc. FM and PWM
  • White & Pink Noise generators
  • 1 Low-Pass -24dB Filter, Resonance up to self-oscillation
  • 1 LFO with Tri, Square and Sample & Hold
  • 1 AD Modulation Envelope with one-shot, loop & LFO mode
  • 1 Amplifier Envelope with one-shot, loop & LFO mode
  • 1 Filter Envelope with one-shot, loop & LFO mode
  • 2 internal Modulation VCA´s
  • Mod-Wheel and Velocity can modulate a lot of parameters
  • CV inputs for Pitch, Gate and Filter Cutoff
  • CV outputs for MIDI Note, Gate, Mod Wheel & Velocity
  • works as a external 12 Bit MIDI to CV converter
  • Audio input going through the filter
  • Studio, Balanced Audio Output with extra Headphone Amp
  • Front with 26 Knobs & 21 Switches
  • a solid high class metal case, UV Print Alu material
  • external 15V AC/AC Powersupply
  • Size (WxDxH): 310 x 160 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 1,4 kg

See the Anyware Instruments site for more info. Audio and video demos are not currently available on the site.

22 thoughts on “Anyware Instruments Moodulator Desktop Analog Synthesizer

  1. i read the manual of the synth on the website, but I can’t understand if there is a vst controller… Does the potentiometer transmit midi cc ? Is there a vst editor app ? If someone has information about it, please help me, as this module looks pretty attractive…

    1. appears to be a (standalone) analog synth, no connection to a vst at all. the pots and switches do not appear to have digital polling, so they would not transmit cc’s.

      1. yeah thanks, it’s the vectorial illustrations that has mislead me (is that sentence really english ? haha who cares). To be fair, this synth is cool even without midi. It looks a bit similar to the EMW desktop synthesizers 🙂 !

  2. Really really really not willing to show disdain to anybody here, I do not want to look like a hater but I do have a lot of concerns about this instrument :

    – Seems like it might have the same capabilities of a similar desktop analog, overall, so why pricing it at 990 EUR ? YOu might argue that this is a boutique instrument ? fair enough, but it does have to be much more appealing to justify the price tag.
    – Price is way too high in my humble opinion, 300 EUR more than a mother 32 but not really the same reputation as moog. You can not compete with the best (subject to debate of course) music maker on this field
    – Overall this synth is not really appealing : hues of grey, red and black. Not really my cup of tea. This is definitely subjective of course, but I am not sure that anybody at Synthtopia has loved this synth at first sight.
    – Back of the instrument : no indication of where you are plugging thing into. I see that everything is written on the front, but a little bit of visual help would have been appreciated on the back too.

    Don’t get me wrong : I am not mindlessly ranting at hard working instruments makers. I do appreciate the hard work and dedication of people who try to push the sonic boundaries with sometimes very limited means, and who are driven by passion, but as it stands today : no, I am not really interested in buying your instrument.

    1. Other than the ‘tabletop’ part, they’re really very different synths. The M32 has more patching and a sequencer. This has two oscillators, with two sub oscillators, more envelopes (with looping)… I don’t really think the comparison makes sense at all.

    2. Pola, you’re right about the price. As Will pointed out it’s hard to make direct comparisons, but we’re talking 80% more than the Mother32, or more than three Dave Smith Mophos. If the Moodulator is really worth more than those two synths combined Anyware is going to need to prove it.

    3. I just read and the feature list here undersells the synth by a lot. It looks pretty amazing. I imagine the mother 32 can do a a good deal of it via patching but some stuff it simply can not do. No amount of patching is going to add envelopes, LFO and oscillators.

      Of course, what it sounds like it was matters. M32 sounds fantastic to my ears and I haven’t heard this one yet but yeah, features wise, it’s pretty inspiring. Cost wise, it’s closer to two M32s though which is a different sonic story!

  3. Feels like another sign of saturation in the analog gear market… And I love the stuff but just can’t seem to care anymore

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