Roland EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon Hands-On Demo

One of the more unusual introductions at the 2016 NAMM Show was the Roland EL Cajon EC-10 – an acoustic + electronic hybrid cajon that combines acoustic cajon performance with the ability to layer in 808 and other electronically-generated sounds.

So, if you’re looking for a hard kick in your cajones, look no further.

Australian music gear retailer Kosmic is one of the first companies to get their hand’s on Roland’s new cajones, and they shared a new demo, embedded above, which highlights not only the El Cajon’s acoustic capabilities, but its electronic ones, too.

Topics Covered:

0:06 Introduction
0:32 Not Just A Cajon
1:06 Natural Sound
1:20 Cajon Mode Sound
1:40 Battery Life
1:54 Sensors
2:22 Flamenco
2:30 Bossa Nova
2:38 Dub Step
2:48 Tabali
2:57 Spanish Flavours
3:10 Unit Controls and Features
4:05 Layering
4:47 Ethnic Sounds
5:15 Bass and Snare Sounds
5:43 Vintage Hip Hop Sounds
6:12 Electronic Music Sounds

Here’s a sound demo of the El Cajon in action:

The Roland El Cajon has a street price of about US $399.

11 thoughts on “Roland EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon Hands-On Demo

  1. I’m seriously thinking about one of these.a v-drum kit was always going to be a stretch for space, but this could really compliment my electronic music but with a much more natural life feel. I’d wanna see it working for a lefty though. Retails $640 in Australia

  2. I wonder if the people complaining about the girl being too sexy in the introduction video will be happy now that they are using a heavy bearded guy.

  3. Apart from the distraction of the very sexy bearded guy, this is a great demo. I also like the instructional videos with Heidi in. I wonder what the settings are in terms of dynamics on the electronic sounds to avoid the “machine gun” when you want a more natural sound.

    I’ve been thinking about midifying my cajon, as well as putting accoustic pickups in it. I’ve briefly tried using it with Impaktor on iOS and it is great fun.

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