Synthrotek Intros New Modules, Cases & Complete Systems (2016 NAMM Show)

At the 2016 NAMM Show, we talked with Steve Harmon of Synthrotek about their products for 2016.

In this video, Harmon covers their new modules in their MST line – a collaboration with synth guru George Mattson. He also talks about their new Eurorack cases and complete Euro systems.

For more information, see the Synthrotek site.

4 thoughts on “Synthrotek Intros New Modules, Cases & Complete Systems (2016 NAMM Show)

  1. The MST line is bad ass.

    I have so much Synthrotek at this point that I can wear their free T-shirts for a full week without laundry breaks.

  2. I had a chance to try their complete voice system, thinking it would be pretty vanilla sounding, but I was surprisingly impressed at what all can come out of those mst modules. Synthrotek made a fan out of me!

    1. It is designed to be a basic East Coast synth voice.

      From there you can add all the weird and crazy you want.

      The real sweet part of these modules is buying the PCBs/Panels and then sourcing your own parts.

      Very cheap that way.

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