11 thoughts on “E-mu Emulator II Vintage Sampler Synth Jam

  1. Sounds great!

    I can achieve similar results on the Waldorf Blofeld. I could get even closer with some emu2 samples.

    Does anyone else use their Waldorf Blofeld as a ‘poor mans’ emulator?

  2. Hey there RetroSound 72. Been watching your youtube channel for a while now. This is a fackin’ fantasticly bitchin’ audio/video.
    Had no idea the Emu could sound like that. Fackin’ ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure if you’re aware of the following groups on facebook, but i suggest you should check them out and post your stuff (some people have shared your video’s before, i’m sure):

    Synthwave Producers, &
    Synthetix FM.

    All synthwave music, that your stuff will fit right in.

    Cheers from Oz….

  3. I know the Emu sampler sound well having owned an Emulator 1 (lovely sound but highly unreliable beastie) & now an Emu 3 rack (again repeat of previous comment but at least relatively modern). There’s a lot going on in the Emu with an arp that goes at high speed & powerful analog filters. It’s slow to process with digital fx but once in the machine, mapped & filter properly configured it’s simply a magnificent sound, rich & quite moving. I could never save anything on the 1 but again that was a lot of fun as one could record a seq & slide the tempo up to ridiculous speeds to gain new sounds. I miss that machine but the new owner reported the psu blowing up 6 months after I sold her – phew:) Emu samplers Rock & I wish someone brought back a good quality, analog filter sampler onto the market, who knows what Namm 2017 holds…

    1. Indeed, it’s somewhat odd that the sampler with analog filters type of instrument didn’t see the kind of resurgence that some of the other classics have. The market doesn’t really need more basic monophonic subtractive synths at the moment. Someone give us a nice professional level sampling instrument with a vintage touch and modern connectivity and no arbitrary like mini keys or no hard drive support. Bonus points for throwing in USB floppy drive support for that extra touch of nostalgia. 😉

      1. Yeah something with loads of controls ie: sample select, sample start & end, multiple waveform layering, duel lfo, good analog multi mode filters with slope (12 or 24db), envelopes for each section, fm capabilities, fx (delay, reverb), usb sample transfer & midi, and a simple sequencer.
        If a sampler could be developed along the same lines as an analog synth with basic waveform & shed loads of flash memory I’m sure the music community would lap it up!!
        Oh full size keys & cv i/o please >.<

    1. it´s out of key most of the time, and off beat and sounds like a kid is pressing randomly … definitely not a jam and quite painful to my ears, despite the great sounds

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