9 thoughts on “Custom Keyboard Cases By JL Design (2016 NAMM Show)

  1. I think this is a brilliant design. And even though it is a pretty steep investment, it is something that makes your keyboard a pretty practical day-to-day performance-ready thing.

    I’m curious about whether it offers some cushioning in transport. Also wondered if they have any add-ons for a music/book holder on that lid. I was kind of hoping that lid would open up and hold the music, but I guess that would be a tricky design challenge.

    1. “I was kind of hoping that lid would open up and hold the music, but I guess that would be a tricky design challenge.”

      That’s a cool idea – seems like they’d just need to have some sort of stop on the hinge mechanism. Another cool alternative would to have a groove on the inside of the lid that would hold a tablet. Since they’re custom made, maybe that’s something they could do for you.

      I love that these are made out of natural materials. You get a scratch on a wood case and you can just rub some oil into it and it’s going to look cool. I’ve got one of those metal and black rubber keyboard cases and it’s indestructible, but heavy and just looks beat up!

  2. I’ll never have a reason to buy one but this might be one of my favorite namm videos. They’re practical (if you need it) and totally beautiful. And the guy himself is obviously genuinely into them—he can’t stop stroking it.

    I’d actually like to see more products along the lines of ‘practical multifunction’ cases.

  3. I’ve gotta say. Lookin’ pretty snazzy there. If I was a rambling man, that would look mighty tempting.

    But I’ve gotta ask. What do those hatches at the edges of the case do?

  4. creative, artistic and inspirational. Thanks for these video these kind of ideas and products deserves good exposition in the music community.

  5. Very beautiful but not truly practical. I’d want to put a Anvil Case around that beautiful case to protect it from the rigors of the road.

  6. Look, this is a really nice case and a nice design and looks convenient but I hate when I go to shows and people have there keyboard hidden in boxes. It’s like they’re embarrassed of their keyboards. There’s nothing more boring for an audience member than staring at a wooden box wondering what’s in it and never finding out.
    Sorry! Rant over!

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