Free Online Patch Editor For MeeBlip Anode, Blipweb


Developer Ben Schmaus let us know about blipweb – a free online patch editor for creating and sharing patches for MeeBlip anode.

Blipweb runs in Chrome and uses the WebMIDI API to communicate with your Meeblip anode.

If you get a sound that you like click the “get patch link” button and a) bookmark the URL to a “meeblip” bookmarks folder, b) put it in a web page and share it with other MeeBlip users, c) share it on twitter via a #blipweb tag, d) email it to a friend, e) etc.

Here’s a short overview and demo video:

It’s available at the Factotumo site.

If you’ve tried blipweb, leave a comment and let us know how it works for you!

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