Make Noise TEMPI Eurorack Module Offers 6 Simultaneously Programmable & Patchable Clocks

make-noise-tempiMake Noise has introduced the TEMPI – a 6 Channel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module.

It provides an method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system.

It’s designed for complex clock multiplier and clock divider functions, with 6 simultaneously programmable and patchable clocks.

The module lets you store up to 64 clock arrangements for later recall and Select them using control signals from within your system or the Select Bus.


  • 6 simultaneously programmable and patchable clocks
  • HUMAN programming is fast and intuitive, MACHINE programming provides effortless precision
  • Program clock Multiplier or Divisor, Phase, MUTE and MOD
  • Integer and Non-Integer Multiplier, Divisor and Phase remove the shackles of traditional clocking modules
  • Clock MOD allows for CHannel SHIFTing or RUN/ STOP behaviors
  • All programming done real-time and able to be Stored as a STATE for later Recall
  • Stores 64 STATES in 4 Banks of 16
  • Voltage controlled STATE Selection
  • External TEMPO IN remembers last STOREd TEMPO
  • Highly Stable, Low Jitter Clocking algorithm
  • Maximum ‘artist controlled’ musical variation, minimum data input
  • Pairs well with René

Here are the official video demos:

Here’s a performance demo, created by synthesist and sound designer Richard Devine:

Here’s what Devine has to say about the patch:

All the beats are being sequenced by the Tempi module.

There are several stackable cables going out to two Addac Wave players, each playing 72 samples each, and the main drums are coming from the Nord Drum 2, which is then split into two signals one being processed by a Mungo g0 dual delay/storage strip clocking through different delay feedback presets.

Then the outputs from one of my ADDAC 101 waveplayer’s was then being processed by a Qu-Bit RT-60, and another RT-60 was processing the output of the other ADDAC 101 waveplayer. Running both at the same time and then using one of the Gate outputs 5, and 6 from Tempi to switch through different effects on the RT-60’s and at the same time triggering different samples. This is what was creating the different effects processing happening at specific time intervals.

Snare noise sound coming from the Hex Inverter new Snare module. Other modulation coming from the OmniMod module from Macro Machines, going out to the Folktek Matter module adding in some of the extra tiny glitches and textures. The drone chords come from the ALM’s ALM011 / Akemie’s Castle running into the TipTop Z-DSP halls of Valhalla card using program 8.

The bassline is from a Modcan FMVDO running into a MakeNoise Optomix. The high harmonic notes played via a Mutable Instruments Ring Module, sending out a clock from channel two from Tempi into X clock input on Rene.

Everything was recorded in one take.

The Make Noise TEMPI is available now, priced at US $269.

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