Intellijel Intros New Euro Modules & Cases At 2016 NAMM Show

At the 2016 NAMM Show, we got an update on the new Intellijel Eurorack modules and also their two new lines of Eurorack cases.

In the first video, above, Kamil Kisiel gives us an overview of the new Intellijel Eurorack synth cases. 

In the second video, below, Intellijel’s Danjel van Tijn shows us the new Intellijel Eurorack modules for 2016.

For more details, see the Intellijel site.

11 thoughts on “Intellijel Intros New Euro Modules & Cases At 2016 NAMM Show

      1. But only if Intellijel decides to offer these modules, since the 1U row is built to a so-called new standard that is incompatible with 1U modules from other manufacturers. It’s no less misleading that the new standard is also called 1U. You can however add MIDI and IO modules in the 3U rows.

    1. It’s pretty unusual for cases to include MIDI or any I/O.

      You might be missing the point of modular synthesizers if you’re upset that a case doesn’t include the modules you want….

  1. I love all of this new modular stuff. I wish the modular market was this active 30 years ago. Its great. Really.

    But … things have gone forward…Hardware is dead. I can do a thousand times more stuff with software that costs a remote decimal value of the price of hardware and it NEVER breaks down. It even IMPROVES over time with free updates.

    I just can’t get myself to sink any more money into modular stuff. And I hate that. I love modular hardware. But I just cannot justify the investment.

    1. How can hardware simultaneously be thriving and dead? This is a golden age for music hardware. And sure, software is powerful, but I think it’s often the limitations of hardware that attract people. Take the piano.. 88 keys, a few pedals.. and thats it. But go tell Debussy or Monk or Chopin that it’s a limited instrument. For some people what matters is that the instrument is engaging and inspiring, not that it has unlimited functionality.

    2. I’ll bite. There is something physical about modular. It is there, real. I enjoy the interaction. Software is great, hardware is great too. Depends on the workflow you enjoy the most. You can also combine both software and hardware to varying degrees.

      To me, hardware is not dead. I prefer the workflow of my ER-101 sequencer than using a piano roll sequencer. No disrespect to DAWs and all, they are fantastic tools. It’s a matter of picking tools you enjoy the most.

    3. We’ll see how your soft synths are doing in 40 years. I own an ARP axxe that still sounds awesome. Eventually your favorite software will be abandoned and no longer supported.

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