Audiomodern Intros Streakulator For Max For Live

Audiomodern has introduced Streakulator, a MIDI-modulated audio effect for Max For Live, created by developer Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona of StrangeLines.

Audiomodern says “Its main job is to create crazy sounds with a human touch in no time: possibilities are endless.”


  • Gating/triggering via midi: put any sound source in line, no matter its tempo.
  • Clean modular UI, so you can tell anytime whether an effect is on/off.
  • Sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • Save and load custom banks of presets.
  • Fundamental chorus/flanger components to create your very own effects.
  • Warp function: harmonic pitch shifting.
  • Ability to add more waves to the sound via “Midi to Streakulator”.
  • Fully automatable and midi-controllable.

Streakulator is available for purchase for the introductory price of 29 EUR (regular 39 EUR).

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