iOXAudio for OS X


Developer Matthias Frick let us know about iOXAudio – free ‘helper app’ for OSX 10.11 that exposes the newly introduced Inter-Device Audio feature of El Capitan and iOS 9.0 more conveniently to users.

iOXAudio installs a little Menu Bar application that lets you quickly enable your iOS Devices to be used as audio inputs for your DAW of choice.

The project is available as a free download and is also open source.

10 thoughts on “iOXAudio for OS X

    1. That’s all on Apple, those features have been in there since OSX 10.11. They just didnt do a very good job at communicating their existence.

  1. Really looking forward to try this out- here’s a link to MIDILE in case anyone wants to try a combo:

    Things are about to change in audio production on iOS methinks, with a killer app on the horizon for iOS that will sit real nice with Fricks work 😉

  2. Worked well although some apps (orphinio) had digital distortion while others (loopy) worked great. Not sure if this is the ios app’s limitation or a bug in this new software.

  3. downloaded. both ioxaudio and midiLE.
    el capitan 10.11.1
    iPad mini 1st generation iOS 9.2.1
    iPhone 5 iOS 9.2.1

    ioxaudio cannot detect iPad.
    ioxaudio can detect iPhone. working as audio input

    midiLE crashes on both devices, once the iOS app is on.


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